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Today Icreon employs over 400 people, spans three continents, and provides services for clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. Here's why.

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Icreon’s goal has been to deliver software that empowers growing businesses to use technology to operate more efficiently. We endeavor to go beyond being a vendor of choice but rather a partner of choice for our customers. We partner in their growth. We partner in their challenges and successes.

Secret To Our Success

We have to deliver value that is over and beyond what a typical IT company would be able to. I dare say that we have been able to do that for over decade and hence can boast of a near 100% client retention rate. This coupled with a fiercely loyal and motivated workforce means that we have been able to log double digit year on year growth every year so far. This heady growth in light of a turbulent economic environment has been exciting and a trend that I hope to continue.

Today, Icreon employs close to 400 people spread across its offices in three continents; offices that cater to client in over 20 countries worldwide. Yet, our humble beginnings and the fact that we still remain privately held and self funded has helped protect the values that we hold dear to us, values that translate into our approach to dealing with all of our stakeholders. 

In simple words – we care. We care for our clients, our team and the ecosystem within which we operate. Our corporate ethos is that we take a long term view of all our relationships, our clients, our colleagues or our partners. 

Global Outlook

In the global marketplace, boundaries are disappearing which can be threatening to some and an incredible opportunity for others. Businesses with a global outlook will create value by leveraging the best resources no matter where they are. Moving forward the role of technology in business is going to become even more important and businesses will have to discover how they can use technology to compete in the marketplace.

Those businesses that are able to leverage IT successfully will be able to create a great competitive advantage. I think with the possibilities of mobile technologies especially, it’s going to vital for businesses to truly understand how they can benefit from technology. This is where Icreon has been able to add value and can continue to do so, perhaps more so than ever i.e. with our global presence. 

Our Values

At Icreon we value passion, excellence, and innovative thinking.  We believe that every project and every business we work with can use technology as a differentiator and we work hard to creating a difference that matters.

Our clients often bring us in at different stages of their projects but we love to get involved right at the solution design stage. We add the most value here and are closely vested in the success of the project from its onset. Our offices in New York and London play the most significant role in this process and assist in delivering solutions not just for today but solutions that can help our clients achieve their strategic goals for tomorrow.


Himanshu Sareen
CEO - Icreon Global

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