Tools to enable cross-functional learning, remote learning, student performance tracking and capturing results. Move over chalkboard & textbook - make way for a new class of education

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The new economy puts a premium on intellectual capital in the classroom and in corporate training and development environments. Innovations in technology make so much more possible in education, pushing beyond boundaries and providing flexible, ongoing learning opportunities through virtual learning. According to the New York Times, online learning isn’t just a way for educators to save money—it’s a more efficient way to train students. “Online learning today is not just better than nothing—it actually tends to be better than conventional instruction … on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.”

Challenges & Opportunities

Flexible Technology puts the remote control back in the hands of the students – pushing content to them via smartphones, web apps or tutorials, so that they can choose where, when and how they wish to consume content enabling better tracking and results.

  • Building Revenue: Stream Access to content published virtual classrooms and learning opportunities can be sold directly to consumers within an institution, as well as syndicated abroad. Rather then being constrained by scheduling, space or enrollment a single class may be offered online with significantly less overhead.
  • Engaging Online: Learning opportunities may take advantage of an extended catalog of media properties including audio, video and photos that would be expensive and possibly time-consuming in traditional learning opportunities. Online learning tends to be made to be more engaging by requesting user involvement in the learning process or by integrating social media capabilities like Facebook and Twitter.

How Icreon Delivers Value To Your Business Model

Icreon understands the education industry and the ways in which technology can enhance the learning process. For well over a decade, Icreon has assisted schools, colleges, universities,  corporations and product developers harness the power of IT tools and solutions to boost learning.

  • Educational Services & Licensures: Build a web application or cross-platform mobile solution to help your institution run more efficiently and offer wider educational opportunities to students while reducing costs. Take advantage of increased analytical capabilities by tracking the progress of both students and educators
  • Corporations: Accelerate the knowledge of your workers by efficiently managing their training through an Icreon-created educational solution.
  • Product Developers: Due to advancements in technology, the market’s acceptance of e-learning as a viable education platform has increased greatly over the last decade. Take advantage of this growing market by developing a educational game or product with Icreon that connects with consumers.

Icreon Services for  the Education & Training Industry

  • Educational games for online and mobile applications
  • Mobile applications for tablets and smartphones
  • Social Media Solutions for Facebook and Twitter
  • Remote Learning Websites