Build games, apps and a consistent plan to consolidate and captivate dispersed audiences. Turn the art of delighting users into a business. A profitable one.

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Social networking games like Farmville or Angry Birds, and media products like Youtube and Twitter are big business for content producers and distributors in the entertainment industry. A 2010 report from Jupiter Research predicts that the revenues for online gaming with in-game purchases with reach $11 billion by the year 2015. The entertainment and gaming industry is changing rapidly and only by harnessing the power of technology can your business gain a piece of this growing market.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Greater Interest in Communication: The online entertainment and gaming industry isn’t just about publishing creative games—it’s about building communities. By adding a seamless “social” component to gaming solutions, enterprises can increase the amount of gamers using their product.
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Media consumers are not tied to one form of media and instead they expect access to their favorite gaming applications on their laptops, tablet devices and smart phones. Creating a native application that is able to be accessed between devices will capitalize on today’s growing market demands.
  • Monetizing Content: As the online market continues to grow, savvy enterprises in the gaming industry must find new ways to turn their web traffic in a revenue stream. The gaming industry has the unique advantage of having an audience that is engaged for longer periods of time than other media offerings and, consequently, are more susceptible to ad and branding messages.
  • User Experience: Creating a unique user experience in the gaming industry is paramount because the field is extremely competitive. In addition to possessing  gaming applications must be well-tested, well-planned and well-executed for gamers to use your product. Even the slightest technical error or crash for your gaming solution can result in a loss of users and possibly irreparably damaging your brand.
  • Customer Retention:  In the entertainment and gaming industry it is equally important to gain new user as it is to foster existing relationships. By carefully analyzing gaming behavior and periodically introducing new game concepts, enterprises can still attract new users, as well as a community of active users who are brand loyal.

How Icreon Delivers Value To Your Business Model

Icreon maintains a staff of software programmers, game developers and cutting-edge designers to help your brand tap into the best solutions for the Entertainment & Gaming industry. Icreon can design and develop a micro-game application, content platforms and media aggregators across a wide spectrum of devices and channels for your business.

  • Developers: Build a cross-device gaming application with a team of experienced Icreon professions that is visually stimulating and well executed. Developers will be able to sell digital content directly to consumers online, as well as syndicate that content abroad.
  • Corporations: Market directly to your consumer with a personally-branded gaming application. A gaming application designed by Icreon also poses as an opportunity to build consumer knowledge about your goods and services by automating your marketing efforts thereby increasing the return on investment.
  • Advertisers: Online gaming is the fastest growing mobile ad opportunity across demographics. According to a 2008 report from Break Media, males between 18-34 pay more attention to online ads than online ads. More than 33 percent of men in the survey said that ads combined with games and contests were  “very effective.” Develop a platform that your enterprise can not only sell ad space, but also market directly to targeted consumers.

Icreon Services for the Entertainment & Gaming Industry

  • Build multi-platform online gaming applications  
  • Sell digital content directly to consumers online
  • Syndicate digital content and distribute it abroad
  • Enhance partner network collaboration to improve return on marketing efforts
  • Reduce the costs of publishing content to the web
  • Better manage content programming
  • Easily publish advertising information to cable distributors' sites
  • Automate marketing efforts to increase the return on investment