Implement back-office functions, engage patients and manage electronic health records. We build custom softwares that produce better patient outcomes and drive bottom-line efficiencies.

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Healthcare Software Development

Tomorrow’s healthcare is effective, efficient and affordable. Technology is accelerating growth in the healthcare industry. By 2015 the healthcare IT market is projected to exceed $24 billion, growth fueled by government financial incentives and regulations requiring automation and transparency in health care practices. 

Challenges & Opportunities

  • March Toward Efficiency: In any enterprise, redundancies and errors represent rising costs for a business. Nowhere is this more apparent as in the healthcare industry. By reducing the inefficiencies in your business model your organization can have a wider impact on the patient reducing both cost and effort.
  • Government Incentives & Regulations: The year 2012 brought beginning of several new changes to the healthcare industry in the United States. Starting with the implementation of the 5010 format in the HIPPA law in January and ending with the mandated October 2013 conversion to ICD-10, the time is now to employ better web solutions that integrate the entire client base.
  • Rising Cost of Care: Increased out-of-pocket costs, rising prescription drug prices, and a large population of uninsured patients has exponential increased the number of costs to health care providers and secondary providers. Additionally, effect of ICD-10 and the Meaningful Use mandate will not only impact payer connectivity, but the ability of healthcare providers to control their revenue streams because of coverage denials.
  • Improvement of Patient Care: For the first time the ability to leverage technology has grown exponentially allowing entrepreneurs and members of the healthcare industry to increase the quality of patient care for an exploding population. Technology can be harnessed to give healthcare providers and secondary service providers that analytical data that could be used to improve to general health of the patient and provide a better quality of care.
  • Growing Interest in Preventative and Ongoing Care: The patient isn’t just visiting the healthcare provider when they are sick, they are also interested in improving the quality of their lives. Through providing services and information on early detection, prevention, fitness, and wellness businesses and capitalize on this growing consumer niche market.

How Icreon Delivers Value To Your Business Model

Icreon has over a decade’s worth of experience creating smart solutions for the healthcare industry. Our  professionals have expert-level intelligence in several software disciplines, which offers our Clients robust and innovative options to create their products.

In all of our solutions, Icreon exhibits “next generation” intelligence. Simply: we’re not satisfied with solutions which are simply compliant with government regulations for the healthcare industry. We resolve to journey beyond them, thereby preventing future problems not just fixing the old ones. The Icreon commitment to excellence not only reduces the risks and costs to our Clients, but also their effort. By focusing on patient-driven solutions, Icreon builds tools that enable the healthcare industry to better control and better manage illness.

  • Providers & Patients: Our technical savvy and consulting experience in the healthcare industry allows us the ability to solve complex business problems while keeping sight of your business goals. Icreon can help you utilize the web to better serve your patients by streamlining your workflows, synchronizing offline data and records, and managing resources more efficiently. Icreon will work with you to get the best out of your assets, driving down costs.
  • Healthcare Services: Providing secondary services to the healthcare industry through insurance or continuing care has its own set of business requirements that can be optimized with an Icreon-developed technology solution. From claim management and billing to analytics and fraud detection, Icreon can develop a solution that will provide your business the information to improve your efficiency and offer better services.
  • Product Developers: Whether you are seeking an innovative mobile solution, full-scale CRM system or product design—Icreon can build a solution that will weather and evolve with the healthcare industry’s changing business model thus protecting your investment. At Icreon we believe that better quality equals better outcomes.

Icreon Services for the Health & Medical Services Industry

  • Product Development
  • Legacy Migration solutions
  • CRM systems
  • Inventory management systems
  • E-learning solutions / tutorials
  • E-commerce systems
  • Workflow systems
  • Data migration
  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps