Streamline your business model with technology to increase efficiency and decrease operating costs. Logistics isn't just about shipping or warehousing or packing. It's about the whole package.

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Third Party Logistics keeps an economy in motion. Via the roadways, the railways and the waterways, the American transportation industry alone has moved 13 billion tons of goods valued at $12 trillion dollars according to the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) in 2010. Manufacturers and suppliers all over the world over look to 3PL companies for assistance in their warehousing, cross-docking, packaging and freight needs. Under the present economic duress, with the help of advancements in technology, 3PL companies today are looking towards innovative solutions to reduce the cost of operations while increasing their efficiency.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Rising Costs: Inspite of careful planning in your business to manage waste, businesses still may suffer due to increased costs associated with rising gas prices, warehousing and product loss due to errors. These difficulties coupled with a slow or stagnant economy make it more difficult for businesses to profit.
  • Competition: On a local, national and international scale the competition in the transportation and logistics industry is fierce. Suppliers, distributors and manufacturers are continuously seeking the best solution to transport their goods to market.
  • Regulations: Compliance with environmental laws, governmental regulations and tariffs on the local, national and international level raise the cost of doing business.
  • Access to Information and Forecasting: Seasonal factors, market slowdowns, labor and supply shortages will all effect your business bottom line. By capturing analytics on your business, analyzing reports and reviewing trends in the marketplace, your business can effectively plan for a changing landscape.
  • Capturing Emerging Markets: As the economy begins to mature in Asia, Latin America and Africa  business owners will seek out reliable and established logistics companies to transport goods and raw materials.

Where Icreon Delivers Value

Icreon has over a decade of experience building tools that can help your business streamline workflows. Whether your business needs include assistance with capturing analytics, better scheduling, capacity planning, integration, error management or streamlining your workflow, Icreon can create a customized tool that fits the needs and fosters the growth of your business.

  • Third Party Logistics Service Providers Create an accurate picture of your business workflow with a customized inventory management system created by Icreon. With an integrated offline/online solution your business will be able to streamline your workflow, forecast your sales pipeline and effectively mange your costs to better serve your customers.
  • Fleet Management: Build a more efficient operation by building a customized technological tool for your business.

Icreon Services for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

  • Legacy Migration solutions
  • Inventory management systems
  • Integration between ERP systems and web applications
  • Workflow systems
  • Data migration