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The Internet has revolutionized the way that consumers are able to access media. From Androids to iPhones, Netbooks to Macbooks consumers are able access digital content on demand and specific to their interests. In report released by Ericsson ConsumerLab, it was found that no less than 45 percent of U.S. households watch television online. The appetite for other types of media include e-books, radio, films, magazines and newspapers is growing exponentially as well, but even as the demand for content grows, content providers still must overcome unique challenges to leverage their media properties.

Challenges & Opportunities for Media in Managing Digital Asset & Content System

  • Monetizing Content: The online media and publishing industry is a two-sided marketplace both intent on leveraging assets online to gain revenue. On one side there is the need to serve viewers with information and entertainment programming that is responsive to their needs. On the other side, there is a need to deliver to advertisers by promising a targeted captive or subconscious audience. Each side poses challenges unique to the online media and publishing industry including changing revenue and business models, increasing competition and rapidly changing technologies.
  • Integration: Cross-platform ad integration provides a unique opportunity for content providers to allow users to access content on an infinite number of devices. Not only does cross-platform integration follow the current market demands, it also poses  as an opportunity for advertisers to target their marketing efforts.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: In the Media and Publishing Industry the ability to control where and in what form content is published is paramount. Due to copyright restrictions, use limitations and even royalty calculations it is necessary for your business to be to guarantee content security  and protect your investment.
  • Analyzing Data: The ability to provide key demographic data on content and site users to advertisers is the key to monetizing the online media market and gaining an additional revenue stream.

How Icreon Delivers Effective Digital Asset Management System

At Icreon we can leverage your company’s existing media assets to be responsive and flexible to the changing online landscape.  Icreon has served the media and publishing industry for well over a decade and can create a customized media solution for your company that favors multi-device use. Icreon delivers effective, customizable technology solutions ranging from complex database-driven web applications to effective digital asset management systems, web hosting and database maintenance solutions, to digital marketing solutions. 

  • Content Providers: Build an effective digital asset management system that will enables your organization to easily manage and publish content online. Integrate social media applications, develop micro-sites, and capture user data to provide customized content to your users. For an added benefit, integrate interactive components such as flash animations, video/audio, contests etc. to increase the time users spend using your solution.
  • Product Developers: Create a business-to-consumer or business-to-business cross platform solution that invites user participation and enriches your application.
  • Advertisers: Enjoy a digital, web, or mobile solution that will augment your marketing strategy that integrates social media and captures users information.

Icreon Digital Asset Management Services for the Media & Publishing Industry

  • Complex database enabled web applications
  • Effective digital asset management / content management system that enables organizations to easily manage and publish content online
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Designing and developing micro-sites
  • In-sync event promotion through banners
  • Web hosting and database maintenance
  • Online games such as card games, word games, puzzles etc.
  • Integrating interactive components such as flash animations, video/audio, contests etc.
  • Digital marketing strategy including social media and versatile mobile solutions