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Manage properties, display and track inventory, monitor brokers, and capture client information. With ever increasing competition, let our data solutions work for you, not the other way around.

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In real estate, the foundation of your business strength rests in your connections. Many businesses in the real estate industry are seeking a change in the way that they are able to connect with customers. In a 2011 article from Coldwell Banker they found that consumers had significantly shifted their real estate search habits from the corporate website to the mobile applications by a 275 percent increase in share of traffic when compared to 2010.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Regulations & Compliances: In order to better serve consumers, local governments often impose regulations to govern real estate sales, leasing and financing. These processes and stipulations often vary from state-to-state and include licensing stipulations to regulate real estate appraisals, auctions and home inspections.
  • Centralization of Real Time Inventory Data: Because of the many advancements in the industry is fast approaching the need for a centralized “single-source syndication” CMS solution for REALTORS to augment the outdated MLS system.
  • Streamlined Sales Process with Lead Management: A steady stream of real estate leads in your inbox does not necessarily translate to homes sold or leased. In reality, more leads translate to more effort. It is only more “qualified” leads that are shepherded through the sales process who translate to better bottom lines. 

How Icreon Delivers Value To Your Business Model

With over a decade of experience creating solutions in the real estate industry, Icreon bridges the gap between business and the consumer. Icreon can help you utilize the web to showcase your properties, synchronize offline data and get results. We will work with you to get the best out of your assets. We also have the capabilities to create full-scale CRM systems, iPad apps and other mobile apps for real estate website development.

  • Governing Institutions: Build a cross platform solution that enables your enterprise to better serve your customers and comply to local, as well as federal government regulations. An Icreon-designed solution can rage from a personalized CMS website, customized CRM solution or a mobile solution that enables listings to be published in real time SMS with email alerts.
  • Secondary Services: Streamline your businesses sales processes while capturing data to be able to formulate informed statistical and trend analysis reports to analyze customer behavior.
  • Building Management: Get the most out of your property portfolio by automating your sales processes. An Icreon-designed solution can by built to help your business schedule inspections, integrate your offline business, and increase your overall efficiency. An extensive back-end admin system will enable autonomy decreasing your overall costs.

Icreon Services for Real Estate & Property Industry

  • Personalized website driven by CMS
  • CRM solutions
  • Auction portals
  • Mobile apps for your business
  • Booking Engine to enable buyers to book property showings online
  • Virtual Tours to let property buyers to get a look and feel of the property
  • Various online tools such as currency converters, calendars etc.
  • Statistical and trend analysis reports to analyze customer behavior
  • Listings integrated with real time SMS and/or email alerts
  • Extensive back end admin system to enable autonomy