Leverage customer data to focus digital retail, enable online auctions and smart marketplaces. In combination, our eCommerce sites generate over a Quarter Billion yearly. Yep, billion with a B.

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With over a decade of experience creating solutions in the retail and consumer product industry, Icreon bridges the gap between business and the consumer. Many businesses in the retail industry are seeing a change in the way that they are able to connect with customers. According to a 2011 research report from Barclays online commerce in the United Kingdom is expected to reach 19.3 billion pounds ($30.5 billion) in 2021 on purchases using their mobile phones as technology begins to advance.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Targeted Sales: The online space is has the advantage of being completely customized to divergent target audience without the overhead associated with brick-and-mortar stores. If one target customer is an urban twenty-something and the other is a recent retiree, your online store can be customized to each demographic with a centralized system.
  • Cross Platform Retailing: Given the advancements in technology, buying decisions are no longer made primarily by visiting a retailer’s physical address. Today’s customers will research and purchase products through all web-enabled devices including tablets, smartphones and desktop computers.
  • Streamlined Processes: Increasing efficiency for your retail business means more dollars added to your bottom line and a healthy return on your investment. More retail business who are able to streamline their processes can better serve their customers by giving better customer service, thereby increasing brand loyalty.
  • Growing Digital Market: There is no better example of the importance of SEO and digital marketing than in the retail industry. Websites that smartly incorporate better SEO keywords are able to enjoy better search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Because digital market is growing at such a rapid pace, your business must continually monitor how your company is viewed online.

How Icreon Delivers Value to Your Business Model

At Icreon we can create a solution for your retail business. Our retail web developers will track your business and outline your online consumer behavior, target market dynamics, and the best practice approaches to online retail that are customized for your business. Icreon will work with you to get the best out of your assets.

  • Retailers: In the online space, the ability for your business to create a sustained and memorable brand image is paramount to your success online. Icreon representatives will work with your company to create a solution that is not only aligned with your brand message, but is also easy for your business to manage. For your business, Icreon has capability to create a customized, full-scale CRM system, iPad app or mobile app that is true to your brand message.
  • Product Retailers: Launching a viable product in the retail space requires careful planning coupled with rigorous testing. With a customized, cross platform solution your retail product will have the advantage of being able to target consumers using any web-enabled enabled device.

Icreon Services for Retail & Consumer Product Groups

  • Point-of-Sales integration to analytics
  • An enhanced CRM solution
  • Online product search and comparison
  • Mobile apps for your business
  • An integrated online storefront with offline CRM
  • Enhanced SEO keywords to find your products online
  • Statistical and trend analysis reports to analyze customer behavior
  • Ability to provide customer service to customers 24/7
  • A secure online payment option