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Business or pleasure—the portrait of today’s traveler is changing. Where desktop online bookings once dominated the industry over the traditional travel counselors, now mobile bookings through smartphones and tablets are increasing their market share. In a May 2011 interview Rob Torres, head of Travel at Google said, “The number of mobile bookings in the travel space has accelerated from $20 million in 2008 to over $200 million in 2010. By 2012 we project that eight percent of mobile users will be booking travel from their smart phones.”

Challenges & Opportunities for Travel Industry

  • Competitiveness: Both online and offline consumers have several ways in which to book their travel. It is imperative for those in the travel industry to be able to stay agile in the marketplace and distribute their marketing campaigns effectively across several channels. Consumers are constantly searching for the best deal and the most attractive amenities.
  • Target Marketing: The travel needs of a family of four are much different than that of a seasoned business traveler and a one-size-fits-all marketing approach will not efficiently impart your brand’s message. In order to accurately market to different demographics your campaign must be specifically targeted to reflect key demographic needs in a way that is agile, keeping pace with market trends.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Media consumption and buying decisions aren’t just made offline and online - they’re made everywhere. To effectively market to potential travelers, savvy companies must be able to publish brand messages on laptops, tablet devices and smartphones.
  • Customer-centric Marketplace: The travel industry market is very much personalized to the individual needs of the consumer. Advancements in technology has allowed consumers to become very involved in the buying process and will research the market before making buying decisions. Active consumers also share those decisions and experiences—either good or bad—with friends through word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Resource Optimization: Whether it be tracking the number of cars in the rental lot or tracking the amount of available inventory on a flight to New York, the ability to properly manage inventory is paramount in the travel industry. By properly managing assets through capturing analytics, businesses are able to maximize their profits.

Travel Development Services

Icreon has a proven track record in the travel industry and is poised to put your travel company ahead of the curve. At Icreon we know that a strong travel and transportation website is more than just pictures—it’s about design and a strong travel web design incorporates a variety of features to make the web experience an invite to travel. Whether your needs are product development, inventory management, customer service, API bridging application, or social media integration, Icreon can customize a solution for you.

  • Airlines & Hotels: The ability to reduce errors and operational costs are paramount to success in the travel industry. Imagine a cross platform application program interface (API) that pulls information from the Sabre Global Distribution System in real time, or even an inventory management solution that automatically updates your marketing initiatives and promotions.
  • Car Rentals: Offer your services through a cross platform application, allowing you to manage and track your inventory while capturing analytical data.
  • Tourism Bureaus: Publish a customized promotions and information about your offerings in a manner that is specifically targeted to different groups with a technology solution built by Icreon. Take advantage of customer-generated content to capitalize on passive and word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

Our tailor-made solutions can help your business reduce operational costs, increase operational efficiency and build long-lasting relationships. Our solutions that include the use of mobile, Internet, and wireless technologies that are all aimed towards giving you an extra competitive edge.

Icreon's Specialties

  • Build online flight ticketing and hotel booking applications
  • Create a graphically rich design that adequately conveys the appeal of the destination
  • Develop travel apps for handheld devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry
  • Incorporate value-added currency management, weather indicators, and CMS applications