Business Intelligence

Generate better insights from your business systems. Use software to leverage hidden trends that come from right within your data. The most profitable version of hide-and-seek there is.

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Decision makers operate according to the insight they work with.  Business intelligence solutions use technology for harnessing data to empower accurate decisions.  Icreon’s approach to business intelligence solutions focuses on helping businesses accomplish their current objectives while empowering them for long term growth.  In today’s volatile economic climate, important decisions need to have backing from insightful data via intuitive tools. 

Icreon’s business intelligence analysts will look at the entirety of your business’ performance while making an assessment.  By comparing historical data to real-time data or the latest quarterly report, our business intelligence experts gain a complete picture of a business’ health.  Icreon consultants will delve deep into the processes that run your business.  After gaining an intimate knowledge of your operations and existing systems, we can objectively recommend the best suited solution for you specific requirements. 

Business intelligence impacts every unit of a company, from marketing, supplier and internal operations.  An effective solution will address the following questions and challenges:

  • Who and where are your target customers?
  • Out of all your customers, who is the most profitable?
  • What are the most successful revenue generating aspects of your business?  Can you leverage these assets more effectively than your current strategy?
  • How does your performance compare to that of your competitors?
  • Is your company accurately addressing the largest threats to your operational sustainability?

On top of Icreon’s exploration of your own business, our consultants will assess a client’s particular market in order to develop a strategy that is practical yet innovative.  Without knowing how your competitors gain their competitive advantage, it is difficult to know what will differentiate your company from the rest.  Especially in today’s economy, the more knowledge a business has about its market environment and the action of its competitors, the better.

Business Intelligence Tools and Deliverables

A sampling of Icreon’s business intelligence applications and tools of choice:

  • Data Mining
  • Data Visualization
  • Business Dashboards
  • Querying and Reporting
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Balance Scorecard