CRM Consulting

The most powerful sales team is an informed sales team. Learned how an integrated approach to Sales Pipeline Management can lead to more sales and greater transparency.

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Every business depends on its customers for growth and survival.  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are often some of the most effective tools for gaining deep insight into the interaction customers have with your business or brand.  Decision makers can use such customer insights to tailor advertising and marketing as well as product development.  Real-time insight into customer interaction history will serve to strengthen loyalty amongst existing customers while attracting new business.

Leveraging Customer Data

Icreon’s extensive work with CRM solutions, such as Salesforce, contributes to our ability to empower clients through CRM consulting.  Our approach to CRM focuses on the ability to attract new business, automate the salesforce and optimize customer service.  Icreon CRM developers and consultants in India as well as throughout the globe are equipped with the skills and insight to recommend the best solution for your business requirements. 

CRM as Your Tool for Growth

  • Migrating to a CRM Solution:  When the current CRM system your business relies upon fails to meet your requirements, Icreon CRM consultants, architects and programmers will assess your current setup for gaps and provide subsequent solutions.  After finding a perfect fit, Icreon will assist with data migration and additional training for staff on the new system. 
  • Customizing an Existing CRM Solution:  Off-the-shelf solutions are good for the short term, but once any growth or change occurs, that solution can quickly become a burden.  Icreon CRM consultants take the approach of delivering customized CRM solutions to clients.  If the solution does not fit your specific needs than what is the point?
  • System Integration:  Icreon’s approach to CRM consulting places business requirements at the forefront of the entire process.  Implementation of a new CRM system must take into account the current business-critical systems and integrate them.  
  • Implementation and Training: Our assessment of a successful CRM implementation is based on the ability of the user to rely on the solution and use it easily.  Providing end-to-end support is necessary for assuring the success of a project.  Icreon will assist in the roll-out support as well as end-to-end support.