Enterprise Mobility

Leverage smartphones, tablets, and the mobile web to create internal and external software that creates a more productive employee and more profitable customer.

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BlackBerries to iPhones, tablets to laptops - today’s business is mobile and there’s no sign of slowing down. From mobile browsing to business mobility - mobile phones, apps and tablets need to factor into your businesses' IT strategy. Icreon’s enterprise mobile services enable competitive leadership for today’s business.

In a 2011 Apple earnings report, CEO Tim Cook said that 93% of Fortune 500 companies have deployed or were testing the iPhone, while 92% of those firms were deploying or testing the iPad. Icreon's mobile developers and mobile programmers have a breadth of experience creating various mobile solutions for our clients across verticals. At Icreon, we’re not just following the trends with our mobile service offerings - we’re setting them.

Enterprise Mobile Software Solutions India

Icreon's mobile experts develop cross-platform and efficient mobile software solutions that give businesses an edge. Our mobile applications are well-planned, sharply-executed, and effectively-delivered as solutions that are customized to your business goals.

Why Mobile

  • Catch your prospects while on the go
  • Interact with customers effectively
  • Access to time-critical information
  • Business agility and performance
  • Enabling a mobile workforce

Plan your Mobile Business Enterprise

Mobile is more than a trend, it is a strategic consideration with its own set of rules and considerations. Icreon's mobile consultants, mobile programmers, and mobile developers in India will help review your business to devise a fitting mobile strategy. We can support applications in both cloud platforms and HLOSs.