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Most companies don’t need pure developers to guide their strategic IT needs. They need trusted advisors who can help them with their web, mobile, and cloud strategies. Hi, we’re Icreon.

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Today’s world is driven by technology. Is your business using technology to its full potential? Is your IT infrastructure built to meet the future expansion plans of your business? Is your business able to operate and plan as efficiently as it could be if it were better-informed?

IT Consulting Services

Icreon can provide your business with the answers to these questions and ask a whole lot of others to define technology solutions that will transform your company. Technology inefficiencies can compromise business success. At Icreon, we understand that no two businesses are alike and so we offer custom technology audits also known as "tech checks". Icreon's IT consultants and architects will perform a technology audit on your business to help identify and remove inefficiencies, and also provide innovative solutions that will give you the edge over your competitors.

Information Technology(IT) Audit Services

  • Evaluate technology and current alignment to business objectives
  • Identify security vulnerabilities in hardware, software and processes
  • Develop a high-level technology architecture suited to both short and long-terms goals
  • Trace the gaps in the software development life-cycle to ensure optimal coding
  • Evaluate capacity of an organization to integrate new and innovative technologies
  • Better define what is needed to successfully integrate improved technologies and processes
  • Ensure software is well-documented thereby reducing key personnel or vendor dependencies
  • Identify the scalability and robustness of the current technology and infrastructure

Hire IT Consultants India

Icreon IT consultants and developers will ensure that your business requirements are carefully mapped to eventual outcomes, thereby ensuring that gaps between the vision and eventual implementation are filled so your business is positioned to grow and compete.