Legacy Migration

Have a system that seems to do a lot of things poorly? Scale for the future by rebuilding it. Make it smarter. Faster. Insightful. More profitable.

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In today's fast-paced landscape, businesses must continually evolve or risk becoming obsolete. Advancements in technology are enabling your competitors to be stronger, faster, and cheaper. Are your IT systems enabling you to be competitive or is your business being stunted by outdated technologies?

Migrate or Modernize

Your current software may still meet your needs but need to be re-platformed on the latest version of the technology you chose. Your current IT platform may be in need of some enhancements to match the changes that your business has undergone since the last software was deployed. Or your current IT software may no longer meet the needs of your business and may be holding you back in your ability to react and respond to the needs of your customers and employees. 

Choosing to undertake a legacy migration or legacy modernization project is a big decision and one that requires an experienced and knowledgeable IT partner to help you be successful on your journey. Icreon is an expert at legacy software migration and modernization solutions which include:

  • Relaunching the current system on a newer platform
  • Migrating the current system to newer versions of the same platform, like ASP to .NET
  • Replacing the system with applicable off-the-shelf applications
  • Re-engineering the system; with current and user-friendly enhancements
  • Developing a new solution that replaces the legacy system 

Tailor Made Solutions

At Icreon, because we believe that every business is different, we believe that your solution should be different. Our best legacy migration consultants and best legacy migration developers will review your current IT and recommend an appropriate IT legacy migration strategy. We will be by your side while rolling out the final solution providing support with data migration, training, and support to guarantee a smooth transition from your old systems and processes to the new.