Software Selection

Find out what platforms and software languages you should be using based on your businesses needs. Better yet, find out if there are pre-existing products that can cut your time-to-market.

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In today’s global market, technical and business decisions go hand-in-hand. A successful IT solution is one that is best suited to your business needs. Choosing the right software is the first step to maximizing the chances of success of and the ease of future support and scalability. Software should fit the business and not the other way around.

At Icreon, we work with a diverse range of clients and believe that finding the “right” solution requires developing an intimate knowledge of their business balanced with an awareness of available software products. At Icreon, the “right” solution for your business is the one that is most fitting, cost-effective, and manageable for you.

Software Selection Consulting & Strategic Planning

Icreon designers and developers work with your business to discover and define your needs. Icreon examines your whole business - sales processes, organizational structure, and the overall information flow. We leave no stone unturned and no question unasked. Our software selection consultants search for the clues to define an integrated solution for your entire business. We’re smart thinkers and solution optimizers intent on developing a software solution for your business today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Software Solutions Provider in India

Java or Flash, Drupal or Umbraco - we don’t subscribe to one technological solution and neither should you.  Although Icreon maintains a broad range of strategic partnerships with several software providers, we do not limit ourselves to recommending or working with any one specific technology. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand the unique needs of your company and to advise you accordingly.

Technology Agnostic Software Selection Services

In addition to being Microsoft Gold-Certified Partners, we are also experts in SharePoint, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, and other Microsoft products. At the same time, our open-source technologies team is competitive and comprehensive, and includes experts in Drupal CMS, WordPress CMS, Salesforce CRM, Ruby on Rails and more. So reach out to Icreon to get a neutral assessment and recommendation for your business.