4 out of every 5 smartphones sold come with Android on it. Yet the App ecosystem completely lacks the quality of its competitors. Work with Icreon to up the overall pedigree of Android software.

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Boasting hundreds of millions of users, Android is the open source operating system of choice for mobile devices.  The adoption rate has continued to sustain its growth, with over a million activations a day for the Linux based operating system.  Enterprises and entrepreneurs alike have used Android to increase operational efficiency and engage customers through mobile apps.

A Powerful Operating System for Mobile and Tablet Apps

Well-built Android applications are a direct way to differentiate yourself from competitors and provide increased value to customers.  Brand apps and enterprise apps have different objectives and requirements, but they both take advantage of the Android operating system to solve a challenge.  How do I better engage customers?  How do I streamline business processes?  The answer is an Icreon developed Android application. 

Diverse Android App Development Solutions

Icreon’s developers have experience working on Android development projects for a variety of industries and use cases.  Whether the project is a complex enterprise wide solution or a simple customer facing app to engage with your brand, Icreon’s Android developers will get the job done.  Benefit from:

  • Portability of Existing Apps to Android Platform
  • Custom Android App Development Solutions
  • Android Game Application Development Solutions
  • Android Application Testing Services
  • Android Business Application Development Solutions
  • Maintenance and Upgrade Services for Android Application Solutions

Icreon’s Android consultants will be happy to discuss any solution ideas you have in mind.  With our help we can take your ideas and craft an end product with your input and collaboration.

Icreon as Your India Based Android Apps Development Partner

Our experience with enterprises across the globe, places us in a position to provide industry leading expertise with our Android application development team.  Our apps are featured throughout the appstore, and our enterprise apps are successfully optimizing business processes for a variety of clients.  Icreon has a lot to offer in terms of Android development:

  • Experience in Developing a Variety of Android Apps
  • Quality Applications for Your Android Platform
  • Use Latest Android Development Technologies
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Android App Developers
  • Minimization of Development Costs and Project-Related Risk
  • Provide High Quality Results for High Performance and ROI

Android is a powerful platform that holds immense value for enterprises interested in embracing mobile applications for mobile business processes.  Icreon’s Android development consultants would be happy to speak with you about augmenting a current app or developing a new one.

App Portability to Android Platform

If you are a client that already has iPhone or Blackberry apps but are interested in porting to Android, Icreon developers are here to help.  Icreon’s development team has experience developing for a variety of operating systems and platforms.  In collaboration with our Android team, Icreon will help develop the solution your enterprise and customers need.  Our goal is to provide maximum business productivity and business value from an Android application.

Hire Dedicated Android Developers from India

Android apps are growing increasingly popular among enterprises interested in embracing mobility.  Mobile apps for Android are a perfect solution for business challenges.  Often times, a client wants to tackle the issue of better engagement with customers and how to form stronger customer relationships.  Android apps provide a direct line of interaction between the brand and the customer, forging stronger and more long terms customer relationships.

Icreon’s developers have created Android apps for customers as well as enterprise business users.  In each case we decide to approach the project as solving a business challenge with the help of an Android app.  Once we understand the business challenge at hand, we begin development. 

Without an accurate understanding of the business challenges enterprises face in today’s economy, it is difficult to deliver a business focused solution.  At Icreon, our Android development consultants will work with you to understand the challenge ahead and collaborate to create an effective end product that provides a clearly defined solution.