IT Outsourcing

IT isn’t just about Microsoft Office, Windows base stations and Active Directory anymore. It’s about insight, analysis, decision-making, and driving efficiencies. Up to the challenge?

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IT outsourcing enables businesses to enjoy optimum performance sans losing focus on strategic business processes. It provides access to a pool of talented, trained and highly skilled individuals proficient at delivering efficient, scalable, robust and cost-effective solutions.

IT Outsourcing to India

Future-proof infrastructural capability and compatibility define an organization’s technical advantage over others. It is imperative for a rising business to meet its technical as well as business requirements to push growth trajectory with time. IT transformation becomes critical at this stage for further strategic gains and sound business processes. To upgrade existing systems and develop scalable technologies, it is important to assess -

  • Whether the in-house team is ready for IT transformation
  • Whether there is  enough allocated budget for the system upgrades
  • Whether to hire or set up advance in-house IT teams to meet the impending IT and business requirements

Often the process of hiring an in-house IT team is tumultuous and cost-prohibitive. Outsourcing to Icreon can give you cost advantage in developing robust solutions indispensable for business expansion. 

Enabling Businesses for Local and Global Operations

Icreon is a leading IT outsourcing company in India providing software development, application development, IT consulting, web development and IT outsourcing services to diverse businesses across the globe. Icreon helps its clients leverage the latest technologies to design and develop scalable business solutions. 

With more than 400 trained and skilled professionals operating from India, the US and the UK, Icreon can help businesses expand their global operations effectively as well as grow locally. Icreon offers its expertise and experience in various verticals and technologies to augment your existing IT staff and simultaneously allows your organization to focus on what you are best at.

IT Outsourcing Services

The obvious risks of expanding an IT department in-house are high-costs and operational discontinuity. At Icreon, we analyze your business requirements and assess existing systems to develop highly scalable solutions intended to streamline all mission-critical processes. It is our expertise in different technologies and exposure to various industries that has enabled us to establish long-term mutually benefiting alliances with our clients.

Term Solution: You can opt for flexible staffing options to cater to your ongoing business requirements. Depending on the size and complexity of your needs, Icreon will devote the required resources to your company, available in all service areas.

Project Solution: Is your deadline close? Are you over budget? Icreon can offer project- specific solutions & resources to help you launch your project successfully.

To learn more about Icreon and its services, please contact us.