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Gain Access to External Technology Professionals without the stress of going through a staffing agency.

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Whether you’re ramping up for projects as they arise or dealing with fluctuating workloads, most organizations today require reliable access to the most qualified external technology professionals, developers, and programmers.  However, the costs and stress of using a recruiting agency to find qualified candidates can be daunting.  Staff augmentation is an effective way to meet the needs of your project without adding permanent staff.  

 Augmenting your staff provides your business: 

  • Cost Effectiveness - Access to talent without the costs and pressures of recruitment, human resources, and infrastructure
  • Time Efficiency - Work with qualified professionals who are dedicated to helping you optimize your business results
  • Team Extensibility - Enjoy direct access to your virtual team to whom you can manage and assign projects, just like your internal employees.
  • Workforce Transparency - Receive time sheets and weekly reports, maximizing transparency and enabling you to manage your team easily

With more than 400 skilled professionals, Icreon provides your business access to the most qualified people for the job - the best developers and programmers, no matter where in the world they are.

Staff Augmentation gives your business the flexibility to ramp up the intensity of your work’s output while maintaining complete control within your organization.  Your business will be able to quickly adapt to changing workloads without the fear of hiring full time annual wages.  

Whether you prefer to outsource your development projects and have an external third party development partner manage your IT projects, or keep your development in-house and complement existing IT teams - Icreon is the answer.

Contact us today to gain reliable access to external technology professionals, developers, and programmers who have the specific qualifications your project requires.

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