David Zwirner Books

One of the most influential art galleries in the world, David Zwirner shares six galleries between New York (3), London, Paris, and Hong Kong. David Zwirner Books is the stand-alone publishing house of David Zwirner.

DZ Books publish premium art publications available worldwide in museum shops, independent bookstores, gallery locations and online. They create titles inspired and led by artists with monographs, historical surveys, artist books, collected writings, rare interviews and more.

Goal Settings

  1. Replace their legacy system and save man hours
  2. Launch a cost-effective product to enhance customer experience

The Challenge

David Zwirner needed a cost-effective solution for DZ Books to grow out of its legacy system. They used Expression Engine, an open source CMS to manage their online presence. It worked well in the initial phases, but scaling it was difficult as many repetitive tasks were to be handled manually without an interactive customer experience. Our Customer Experience team realized the potential of DZ Books and formulated a strategy with DZ to transform their online presence. 

David Zwirner was looking for a trusted partner to create value-driven solutions so they could focus on the art not management. Our team of solution architects and engineers led from planning and architecture, to system integration and implementation to deliver a personalized product.

The Approach & Solution

Our CX team knew that the solution needed to be innovative. There was no experience manager better than Sitecore, but it is an expensive investment. We needed an integration that was capable, reliable, and accessible to the niche customers of David Zwirner. Through deliberation and planning, we landed on a Shopify Plus and Sitecore integration – an uncommon pair, but the best possible solution.

Shopify Plus was ideal for cart management while Sitecore served as the perfect experience manager to ensure delighted customers. With Stitch as the inventory manager, the three platforms would deliver the best enterprise software development plan.