The Situation

With the successful work of the RTDX assessment, Icreon and ASTM had established a foundation for a strategic partnership and started planning for next steps. Our teams began building out the requirements for RTDX, however, the existing technology stack still consisted of a suite of dozens of applications that were designed to enable the current member experience.

Goal Setting

  1. Understand the business context of the extended suite of applications
  2. Work to build atop existing applications while building out the new platform
  3. Transition into an agile engineering model

The Approach

Instead of working on the new platform integrations in a silo, both parties decided it’d better if the Icreon team could understand the existing platform through a maintenance discovery phase in parallel to development work. 

Approaching the project with a maintenance discovery allowed the Icreon team to do a deep dive into the business context of all systems, begin looking at them from a UI perspective, and iteratively infusing findings into RTDX development.  


The Solution

The output of the maintenance discovery was a series of recommendations that showed which applications and systems are most volatile, which have the heaviest usage, and which systems needed the most work. This discovery, working in parallel with the development of the RTDX, enabled us to upgrade and integrate existing systems simultaneously.               

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