The Challenge

Icreon’s work with ASTM on the assessment of RTDX in addition to the maintenance discovery led to a singular realization - connecting systems together in real-time to flow data back and forth is useful but doesn’t necessarily improve the customer or member experience.

Together, we wanted to re-think the entire ASTM member experience and start to define what it means to be truly customer centric.

Goal Setting

  1. Define what it means to be truly customer centric
  2. Map customer journeys, and align to core business perspectives
  3. Utilize data within platforms to create new UX that caters to the modern member experience

The Approach

ASTM members rely on the organization for tools that help them ideate, collaborate, vote, and learn about new standards in their fields. We wanted to evaluate each of these member touch-points, both internal and external, and start using that information to feed into a redesign of tools and platforms to better connect members to their professional standards networks.


The Solution

Utilizing touchpoint data, we began to define the core pillars of what each individual user journey will need from a business perspective - like networking, learning, etc.. Then, we began using data-oriented methods to align those different customer needs to the unique journeys, which ultimately led to the creation of a brand new UX that caters toward the modern member experience.  

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