The Challenge

David Zwirner is a leader in the contemporary fine art space. The brand owns several art galleries around the world – including New York City, London and Hong Kong. Over the last decade the business has seen consistent growth, however, that growth led to the realization that the existing technology being used may not be best fit long term. The David Zwirner team initially reached out to Icreon to review the health of their digital landscape.

The Approach

One of the major concerns looming over the David Zwirner team was trying to determine if the existing platform was built to scale, or would it have to be rebuilt to align to future business goals. We started out by reviewing the code in detail, gaining an understanding of how it’s written and whether it’s something they would be able to use going forward.

As we conducted the review, we started putting together major pillars of what needed to be fixed – things like security flaws that needed to be patched up, performance issues within the speed of the application, and coding principles / best practices. By grouping and mapping the existing issues, we’d be able to provide a roadmap of priorities.


The Solution

Ultimately, we decided the platform would need to be updated to better align to the future needs of the business. From the database structure, to the workflows that happen within the system, to the front-facing website – we laid out a plan for them to create a robust database-driven platform that would start to drive the organization. A new platform would enable larger initiatives – like sales automation and personalization.

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