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The Challenge

Icreon and David Zwirner had developed a strong strategic partnership, working on blueprinting a digital roadmap for long-term growth. As a business built on a unique target market, a key part of creating inorganic growth was enabling both customers and sales associates to have greater access to artwork via digital means.

The next step was to start building their digital experiences and transform the art industry through the means of a core platform and automated operations.

The Approach

The first tactic that derived from our initial engagements of doing deep dive discoveries into the entire business, was the ideation of a core database-driven platform that acted as their single source of truth – where systems like inventory management, CRM, and customer data all flow into a consolidated instance.

The second tactic of the approach was automation enabled through custom database development, giving the DZ team the ability to build a cohesive suite of sales tools for 150+ representatives to automate the creation of personalized offers & art recommendations to their clientele.


The Solution

The solution started with the development of a unified platform where all business-critical data was now flowing into. Once the platform was in place, it started opening up brand new opportunities. For the first time, they now had intelligence about users and their behavior that was consolidated into a single view.

With that, we could now start to take things like a customers likes/dislikes, psychographics and demographics, and map it to the different areas of the business – inventory, events, exhibitions, websites. The highlight of it all - instead of sales teams spending 120 hours building out lists that were personalized to individual customers, it was now all automated.

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