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About ShortsTV

ShortsTV is the biggest license holder and distributor of short films. With movies acquired from filmmakers around the globe, their enviable catalogue of movies is available on multiple platforms - TV, online and in theatres. ShortsTV are the sole theatrical distributors of Oscar nominated short films and also produce original short films for other broadcasters. 

The Challenge

With viewers increasingly moving to the online realm for watching movies, ShortsTV was looking to strengthen their online presence and increase their viewer base. They were looking to develop a series of apps that would allow viewers to stream ShortsTV movies across a variety of mobile and online platforms.

The Solution & Execution

Icreon has developed a suite of apps – mobile (iOS and Android) and Chromecast – that provide viewers with instant access to the ShortsTV movie catalogue. Viewers can save movies to their playlists and watch them at their convenience. A detailed tracking system has been put in place to collect viewer activity for analytical purposes. At the heart of the solution is a recommendation engine that offers suggestions based on a configurable set of parameters, ranging from movies watched to action taken on them (i.e. added to favourite, liked etc) and duration of the movie watched. 

The apps closely integrate with Ooyala, a leading video platform, for streaming high-res videos. With the movies being hosted on Ooyala, scripts have been written to extract meta and analytics data and present it within our system.

A comprehensive rights and license management system allows ShortsTV to control viewership for individual films to specific regions/countries/cities in the world.

Tools & Platforms: JAVA, MYSQL, PHP