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About The Advisory Board Company

The Advisory Board Company (ABC) is a global research, technology and consulting firm started in 1979 and based out of Washington D.C. It is the performance improvement partner for 180,000 leaders in 4500+ organizations across the healthcare and education domain.

Today, one of its leading revenue sources is an enterprise hospital administration software, called Crimson, designed to track, monitor, and generate insight from granular patient and doctor interactions.

The Challenge

Crimson began as a small analytics company that looked to increase transparency into the health care industry. The end goal was crystal clear – to make it easier for care providers to access relevant data, and to constantly use that data as a way to improve the national system as a whole.

This simple premise launched a thousand questions, like how to remain in compliance while storing and analyzing electronic medical records, how to scale across the country, and how to convince hospital systems to get on-board. Essentially, ABC needed an tool that could provide a 360-degree view of physician’s performance on key skills, utilization measures, order sets, guidance adherences and patient satisfaction rates.

The proposition was to enhance the care quality for patients through a big-data driven analytics and allow hospital management to assess large-scale hospital group efficacy.

The Solution & Execution

Working with Crimson, we realized a number of things – the healthcare technology market is highly complex and fragmented. To solve this, we worked with the leadership team to understand different ways we could analyze patient records for doctors and administrators. This led to defining multiple, distinct database-driven products that could be used in tandem to help physicians better care for patients.

Ultimately, our work with Crimson and The Advisory Board has produced multiple software technologies which hospitals can subscribe to that allows them to gain better insight into physician performance and cost of care outcomes. The data, analytics and business intelligence tools we've co-created leverage the latest in .NET, combining our skills in application scalability, distributed architecture, authentication, and performance to create some of the most sophisticated health-related technology on the planet.