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Redesigning UI/UX
to make Tyco
a competitive brand

How can Sitecore SXA led transformation enable the enterprise security brand to improve navigation efficiency and website performance?


How can Sitecore SXA led transformation enable the enterprise security brand to improve navigation efficiency and website performance?

Tyco International is an enterprise security company that specializes in a wide range of security products and services globally. The company’s portfolio includes intrusion security, anti-theft devices, breathing apparatus, security monitoring, access control and video management systems to cater to a large clientele including commercial, industrial, retail, residential, small business, institutional, government bodies. In 2016, Johnson Controls took over Tyco International to become Johnson Controls International plc. JCI, the global diversified technology and multi-industry company, creates sustainable energy solutions, intelligent buildings and well-connected infrastructure through its enterprise-grade products and services. In 2022, Tyco is known as Johnson Controls Security Products.

The Challenge

As a multi-brand leader, JCI owns a large number of innovative brands to power its businesses worldwide. Under its security segment, JCI provides innovative solutions with Tyco products. For the Tyco brand itself, the website was a major challenge to optimize for modern business needs.

The challenges include website rebuilding to setup product taxonomy in such a way that customers can find what they want in the least possible clicks. With the existing website, content distribution was a major problem that is also adversely impacting search engine rankings and thereby leading to loss of conversions and leads. When compared to other industry players in similar domain, the website was lagging behind on key performance metrics that are responsible to drive enhanced user experience. To make the web presence more powerful and user-friendly for the target audience, JCI was looking for a digital strategy and technology partner that could provide consulting and work on the vital web metrics to create more engagement and conversions.

The Strategy

JCI emphasized on digital positioning of Tyco to help its end-users and prospects follow an easy navigation to find specific solutions to solve their problems.

In the first engagement, Icreon completed a competitor analysis to understand what the equivalent players are doing in the market to keep their stake comparatively better than Tyco. We assisted the enterprise leader with some groundbreaking findings through extensive comparative analysis and stakeholder interviews. The team then analyzed business use case of their products under each industry vertical. We built custom 3D CGI renderings to visualize real-time scenarios where Tyco’s products can cater to business challenges contextual to each industry and allow visitors to explore product details in a highly personalized manner.

The Solution

Icreon teamed up to create a digital platform strategy for the Tyco website from the ground up to tackle the pain areas around website functionality, optimization, and navigation.

We recommended the best website optimization practices based on the market study that included taxonomy, top-level page analysis, product details and content breakdown in order to achieve better indexing and hence drive more B2B engagements. During the second engagement, we jumpstarted with the technology implementation to take the UI/UX to the next level. Being a Sitecore Platinum Certified partner, Icreon helped the brand to shift to the latest Sitecore SXA within the Sitecore multisite architecture used by JCI for all of its brands. With SXA, we built the new website architecture focused on the right content distribution and alignment of the products with the respective target persona or visitor type. The new dynamic website is equipped with competitive SEO scoring capabilities including good code health, faster site loading speed and better content and keyword enhancements. We worked out the best product taxonomy for Tyco to traverse users to the right product or solution in just one click without taking them to any external website. Icreon as an expert in creating experiences built multi-dimensional user navigation experience for the brand website that would definitely lead to an enhanced user navigation efficiency. Tyco website with its refreshed user navigation, content distribution and unique functionality will open huge opportunities for lead generation as well.

The Approach

Digital Discovery & Strategy

We performed comparative analysis, market research and multi-brand interviews to collect insights on the website performance. Tying the pain points of the brand, we formulated the strategy around digital optimization of the website based on several key SEO and performance metrics.

Enterprise Platform Consulting

We assisted the JCI enterprise to move from Sitecore MVC to Sitecore SXA architecture to take complete advantage of scalability and flexibility. We presented the business opportunity in terms of more lead generation and prospects engagement with SXA adoption.

Technology Implementation

With speedy SXA implementation, we redesigned the website by focusing on different persona in mind. We took a deep dive into content execution, product attributes and built product taxonomy to derive the transformation needed.

UI/UX Designing

We transformed the traditional website into a completely new website that helps users navigate smoothly and access easily what they’re looking for. The new Tyco website with multi-dimensional user navigation provides enhanced user experience and helps drive more leads and engagements.

Content Development & Migration

We worked on personalized content development that speaks to the end-consumers in how to best select and purchase products. We put related resources, insights to deliver consistent content experience across the brands, solutions, verticals to keep users engaged consistently throughout their journey. Our team handled the whole content migration process effectively while moving content from the previous website to the new one.