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5 Enterprise Web Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Enterprise web development has spread widely among businesses over the past few years. As a result, it has become a pivotal point for any organization's success, as it is a window to your business. Moreover, as several technologies keep on reshaping the competition, organizations increasingly depend on enterprise web development company for better performance and differentiation.

In this blog, we will discuss the latest enterprise web development trends.

Artificial Intelligence

Most brands now have a solid online presence these days. Their success hinges on delivering a high-quality digital experience to their customers. To enable these experiences, the implementation of artificial intelligence is essential to managing modern web development.


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Gartner says 75% of the enterprises will move to AI-powered solutions by the end of 2024.

AI can guide decisions on design, layout, and content by providing key insights. It helps web development company with these things -

  • Enable web developers to create a website without starting it from scratch

  • Help the experts and beginners in any web development company

  • Evaluate user preferences to provide insights

  • Empower users to manage their website without any hassle

For instance - AI-chatbots are pivotal for creating web-enabled devices. They can help enterprises cut business costs by delivering essential insights about customer behavior. They also have enhanced response predictions which can lead to increased business sales.

Statista says that 72% of the brands feel that utilizing AI is a competitive advantage for their business. And that is a real fact! AI has a significant and proven impact on brands especially the e-commerce ones. This will have an impact on web development company as well. For instance - the Amazon Echo, popularly known as Alexa, is a conversational AI, voice-enabled device. It is capable of enabling AI-powered interactions in our daily lives. Organizations are set to utilize the advantages and value of AI to deliver more to end clients.

Server-less Architecture

This popular and emerging technology depends on third-party services such as backend-as-a-service. Considered as the future of computing, server-less architecture helps remove the occurrence of data overload, loss of data, and unnecessary development expenses. It decreases the development efforts, making it a perfect cost-effective solution for enterprises.


Source – Grand View Research

Server-less architecture has huge advantages for enterprises seeking to transform at scale and support digital journeys, such as -

  • Your web developers can put their effort into writing codes and leveraging application designs

  • The cost-effective pricing approach eliminates the need to invest in administering internal architecture.

  • Now you can deploy apps faster as the command-line interface facilitates the deployment of code in minutes.

  • You no longer need to handle infrastructure manually as Server-less Architecture implements the business logic as a function.

  • It enables you to create a seamless user experience and live up to the current demands.

This next-generation cloud technology represents a new paradigm. With it, enterprises can overcome typical roadblocks like the expenses and effort that sidetrack any IT transformation. Starting with the benefits of classic cloud and then broadens them with additional possibilities that create a server-less architecture. It also allows enterprises to shift their IT investment to an opex model for the complete duration of application development. This can reduce the expenses by 60%.

One of the major benefits of server-less architecture is it allows a pay-as-you-go model on the full stack of technology. This reduces the overall run cost. This model is activated by having capabilities into production via the operator of the server-less ecosystem only when they are required. Therefore, it doesn't only help in reducing the expenses, but also decreases the idle capacity. Secondly, it offers ecosystem access for the underlying infrastructure as well as the complete serviceability. This minimizes the cost to transform the company’s IT environment drastically. Together, both these efficiencies enable massive reusability of current capability on a state-of-the-art platform.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are imperative for organizations undergoing digital transformation. As it matures, this powerful emerging trend has a powerful new mechanism that uses automation to create better customer experiences. Push Notifications help stay in touch with your customers while also offering a great digital experience. It can work like magic for the right kind of business or project.

For example, web push notifications can be used on the user’s mobile and desktop, even when the app users are not using your website and they don't even need to do any installations. The user simply has to give their consent to receive the notifications with a single click. Web push alerts are an effective tool for marketers and web development company because of the ease they are developed with.


Source – Business of Apps

Enterprises seeking to create a mobile app for their business, should take advantage of push notifications as they help to engage the app users in a faster way. They can do so many things for the business, for instance, they can get your customer to take action, such as downloading a coupon or inform the customer about an upcoming event. However, Push notifications aren’t text messages or SMS. It is a brief alert that is pushed through a mobile or web app to recipients who uses that app. It definitely has an edge over text messages as it enables enterprises to capture user attention and increase brand loyalty.

Blockchain Technology

With the soaring frenzy over bitcoin, NFTs and cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has received heightened attention from web developers. It has the potential to redefine the way web apps are created.


Source – Grand View Research

Secured and faster transactions are one of the significant features of this technology. Hence, it can help web apps to eliminate the mediatory server system and cut expenses. Some of the many advantages of this emerging technology include -

  • Use of a digital signature feature to conduct a highly secured transaction.

  • Tremendous automation capability is programmable and can automatically generate events, payments, and actions automatically if the criteria are met.

  • Offers a decentralized system to operate on. Resulting in a faster and safer transaction.

Many enterprises expected that blockchain would be a game changer for complications such as security and operational setbacks. Indeed, this technology has the ability to help enterprises make improvements in several key areas, including accelerating the speed of transactions. Blockchain technology creates a safer, transparent, and traceable payment network in which anyone can transfer money without intermediaries.

Over the past few years, the progress in the implementation blockchain technology infused solutions across a variety of business sectors is astounding. Attitudes toward this technology have shifted as more enterprises have increased up their investments, showcasing their commitment towards blockchain technology.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

This unique technology uses the latest web browser APIs and features to deliver a native app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications. It truly has the potential to transform the way we build web and mobile apps.

The smart features of PWA are -

  • Offers a single technology for web and mobile platforms

  • Fast, reliable, and engaging performance

  • Delivers the best user experience with service workers

  • Improved security and transparent access to device possibilities

  • Reduced development costs which make delivery faster


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Here is one of the major reasons why enterprises have to make a solid effort to improve customer experience with the help of a PWA enabled app. PWA looks like a perfect solution to gain potential customers, and several enterprises serve as a proof. Customers now expect best experience from every interaction they have with your app or website. This includes the speed as well. Fast-loading websites are becoming an expected reality now. PWAs can help in achieving that amazing experience every time your customer visits your app or website.

Final Thoughts

Web development is a mix of many units and moving parts. Adopting these trends get the optimization ball rolling, but it takes an appropriate evaluation to sustain those benefits. Enterprises looking to implement these new tool and technology must set clear targets, determine which will help the most while gauging the progress, and create a roadmap that encourages continuous improvement.

Reach out to our experts to discuss the evolving momentum of these enterprise web development trends here.


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