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Icreon Acquires Strategy Consultancy, Chinatown Bureau

At Icreon, we’re committed to building new offerings that create growth for our client organizations. That’s why we’re excited to announce our recent acquisition of Chinatown Bureau, a growth strategy consultancy.

If the last year has been any indication for the future, the accelerated closing of the strategy > execution cycle is quickly becoming a key driver for growth creation. Organizations finding success in these complex times are the ones that are not only reinventing how they do business but are reimagining what value they provide for their customer. But the real differentiator is how quickly they can move on these strategies. So, in essence, organizational speed has become the biggest competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

Together with Chinatown Bureau, we are creating an Acceleration Studio to bring organizational speed to our clients. By continuously identifying opportunities, rapidly delivering strategies then implementing with technology, we can create more momentum for our clients than ever before.

The solution brings together a robust end-to-end approach to growth efficiently under one roof. From brand and go to market strategies, traditionally provided by Chinatown Bureau, to extensive engineering capabilities, delivered by Icreon, clients across both groups realize immediate value and efficiency in their relationship with the organization.

Chinatown Bureau brings a fresh outlook on growth – creating opportunities across the entire customer experience journey, where brand strategy and technology meet. Working with clients like Novartis, Ford, Tempur Sealy, GSK, OpenFin and Veloxint, they bring vast expertise and experience from different categories to each client challenge they face.

With this acquisition, the future of Icreon begins now. We are resolved in our mission to help your organization engineer growth for what’s next.

This story was first covered in Adweek’s ‘Agency Spy’ here.