Icreon Compass Engagement Accelerator for Algolia


Turn every user interaction into a personalized journey. With Icreon’s Compass Engagement Accelerator for Algolia, unlock the powerful features of AI search using click and convert events on your website.

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Icreon Compass Engagement Accelerator For Algolia

Imagine your online retail stores or apps delivering hyper-personalized experiences with smarter search results and powerful recommendations. Customers find what they want faster, leading to increased conversions, loyalty, and market share. This is the reality for retailers who leverage Algolia's Click & Convert Events. However, implementation and optimization can be a challenge, so we have created a way to streamline the process and deliver amazing results.


Introducing Icreon's Compass Engagement Accelerator for Algolia. We unlock the full potential of your search engine. We streamline Click & Convert Events for valuable user insights, tailor a custom search and discovery solution, and equip you with cutting-edge optimization features.

The value you'll unlock
  • Uncover User Intent

    Discover which search results resonate most with your users. By tracking clicks and interactions, gain deep insights into what your customers are truly searching for and tailor your offerings accordingly.

  • Personalized Search

    Tailor searches queries to individual users for a more relevant experience. Leverage user behavior data to deliver personalized search results that match individual preferences and needs, enhancing satisfaction and engagement.

  • Smarter Recommendations

    Recommend products or content users are likely to click on. Utilize advanced algorithms to analyze click data and provide intelligent recommendations, increasing the likelihood of conversions and customer satisfaction.

  • Improved Search Ranking

    Over time, Algolia uses click data to optimize your search results. By continuously learning from user interactions, your search engine becomes smarter, delivering more accurate and relevant results that boost user engagement.

  • Invaluable Analytics

    Gain a treasure trove of user behavior data to optimize your search experience. Access detailed analytics that reveal patterns and trends, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and refine your search strategy for better outcomes.

  • Seamless Integration

    Our experts handle the entire integration process, ensuring a smooth transition. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, we take care of every step, allowing you to focus on maximizing the benefits of Algolia's click and conversion events.

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Citrin Cooperman

“I recommend working with Icreon because they delivered exactly what we envisioned. The final product was exactly what we wanted and more. They took a very holistic view of our company, and it showed in the deliverables.”
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Laura Kucera
Chief Marketing Partner, Citrin Cooperman
American Geophysical Union (AGU)

"When Icreon rebuilt our website, we achieved double the conversion rates and a 40% increase in
average transaction.
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Jay Brodsky
Chief Digital Officer, AGU

“Icreon has been instrumental in our digital transformation; their team has assisted us to move away from paper-based paraphernalia and onto an online digital experience.”
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Frank Cinque
Director of Technology, Ultrafabrics

“We wanted a great partner that could be strategic, innovative, and help us stand out in our market and across the entire gaming industry and for this reason we selected Icreon as a partner.”
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Ryan McGrath
Executive Vice President of Digital Marketing & Communications, MLCV