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We will explore six weeks of real applied marketing knowledge that you can activate in your implementation the same day. 

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Real Applied Sitecore Strategies & Mastery from Marketers for Marketers. 

You made a decision to adopt Sitecore as a platform, and after 15 years with the platform the same issue still is persistent. Sitecore customers are not leveraging the full potential of the platform and partners do not have a way to service them.

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The key to creating, understanding, and activating customer journeys digitally though is an understanding of what you do not see.

Steve Lamensdorf SVP, Customer Experience

Sitecore is a powerful platform. I have personally worked with mid-market and enterprise grade experience platforms that organizations leverage to manage their digital properties. Having worked with most of them each platform has its' own pros and cons. Sitecore for me and having an engineering background offers extremely robust capabilities, but being a platform built by engineers it is not always the most intuitive or "user-friendly" when trying to maximize the potential of the platform. 

Documentation and training that exists today in the market seems to always be either extremely high-level or it gets extremely technical, but what about content that is right in the middle. For those tech-savvy marketers that used to build their own HTML Myspace pages - this webinar series is for you. Take control over Sitecore and make it work wonders for your digital experience and transformation goals!