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Artificial Intelligence

Easing businesses into the world of AI & ML to amplify their net impact to customer and employee

A Strategic Approach

Research drives strategy. Strategy drives solutions.

Icreon works with senior business leaders to identify holistic Artificial Intelligence strategies. Today, one of the challenges facing organizations is knowing where and how to invest into AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning. And because the possibilities are endless, a number of capital expenditures go by the wayside and don't make the impact they're supposed to within the business.

Our Artificial Intelligence strategists work on identifying high-impact areas within a particular industry and pair that with proven-successes within the broad-spectrum of AI research. Our technique emphasizes maximizing AI & machine learning impact to create immediate revenue generating opportunities within a business.


“We apply a strategically methodical process to everything we do.”

What comes with it?

Our processes ensure we deliver the highest quality of strategic initiatives.

Transforming how organizations compete in their industry and market by evaluating digital greenfield

Developing plans & tactics to maximize technology adoption and socialization within a digital initiative

Creative Strategy, User Experience Design, and Buyer Persona Development to build out more delightful customer experiences

Optimization of organizational information storage, retrieval & discovery to democratize how businesses use their own data to inform business decisions

Testing & rapidly re-defining whitespace for an organization’s digital IP to expand and grow

Defining short and long-term objectives through assessment, road-mapping and recommendations on transformation of key digital platforms

Creating a unified ecosystem that accounts for a business’s applications, data, infrastructure & digital product investments

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