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Today's business context for CIOs and Engineering leaders has rapidly shifted: time-to-market and the velocity of progress are now primarily driven by Sales & Marketing goals. To succeed at delivering high-value and innovative solutions that delight customers and outpace competitors, IT has to re-evaluate how to work with Operational leaders


Our DevOps Practice is rooted in Transparency, Collaboration, and Automation

Successful DevOps Engineering Practices are about three fundamental principles: transparency, collaboration & automation. Each one is required to build towards continuous delivery of software to your customers and stakeholders. Transparency & collaboration break down the silos between your departments, while automation simplifies the production process

DevOps Clients

Featured Work: DAVID ZWIRNER Featured Work: DAVID ZWIRNER
Devops Practices

Assessment & Planning

Our expert team at Icreon crafts a DevOps Technologies Assessment roadmap by seeking the desired state and recognizing the traceable metrics. This roadmap is built to revamp processes/practices, developing a fully automated environment, and integrating robust security mechanisms

Framework & Tool Stack

With Icreon, you can leverage our robust open source and proprietary tools in each step of agile development. We help you to create a plan about maximizing the potential of sophisticated tools in consultation with our experts and key stakeholders from your team

Fast Delivery

We ensure our frequency and pace of releases are in sync so that you can innovate your product faster. We enable you to respond to your customers' needs and build a solid competitive advantage with devops practices and tools. Our consistent integration and delivery automate the software release process

Better Collaboration

Now, you can build more productive teams under the DevOps strategy model that focuses on ownership and accountability. Both Developers and operations teams collaborate closely, combine their workflows, and share several responsibilities. This lessens the inefficiencies and saves time


You can now go for a DevOps model without thinking twice about security by using compliance policies, precise controls, and configuration management methods. Move fast while keeping governance and compliance

Accelerated Outcomes

Icreon helps you to receive a comprehensive end-to-end implementation of DevOps practices to expedite product time to market. We break down the complex data or find any communication silos for successful collaboration