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AI Development Agency

The best AI development agency, helping businesses automate their processes with innovative AI and ML solutions


Service Overview

Our AI software development solutions drive true business growth. Our Artificial Intelligence strategists work on identifying high-impact areas within your specific industry and pair that with proven successes within the broad-spectrum of AI research. Our technique emphasizes maximizing AI & Machine Learning impact to create immediate revenue generating opportunities.

Amdocs Academy

We worked with Amdocs, a leading software company, to build a Machine Learning-based Personalization Engine known as Amdocs Academy. This personalized suite of tools helps its large clientele strategically upskill their entire employee-base. The tool uses AI for Immersive Learning & Language Understanding features to identify training flow using agent response. By leveraging machine learning models, the system automatically re-adjusts their learning content in real-time. It also gives scoring using big data analysis.

XPO Logistics

We worked with XPO Logistics, a multinational transportation and contract logistics company, on an integration architecture with the deployment of the universal connector. Well-integrated with customers third party POS platforms via Enterprise Service Bus, the company has significantly reduced costs during new customer acquisition. Using AI analytics, the XPO team has now able to optimize the route to ensure real-time delivery.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Services and Solutions

As one of the top AI companies, we have a pool of AI developers and machine learning engineers that help you move your ideas beyond proof of concept. We apply deep technological expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services to help you drive intelligence from data and make smarter decisions. Our professional Machine Learning Developers build AI powered solutions using supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning, Natural Language Processing to help you optimize your business processes and minimize labor and infrastructure costs to a greater extent.

Data-driven Analytics and Consulting

With proven AI analytics capabilities, we can help your business seize every possible opportunity. We build recommendation engines that drive more conversions to your business. Icreon helps you with trends forecasting to fuel confident and fact-based decisions. We help you with predictive analysis to streamline and optimize your business processes with better future promises

Digital Transformation

We help companies thrive in their digital transformation journey by creating unprecedented AI-enabled solutions. Our AI consultants perform assessment and experiment with new ideas to provide recommendations on transformation of key digital platforms. We leverage analytics to provide sales assistance, real-time delivery updates, and route optimization solutions.

Customer Experience Management and Intelligence

Icreon provides creative strategy, user experience design, and buyer persona development to build out more delightful customer experiences. We equip you with big picture insights using customer behavioral analysis. We allow you to act decisively by making price adjustments and predictions and performing profile fraud analysis. By harnessing artificial intelligence capabilities, we offer 360-degree customer engagement to better align within the critical streams of the organization.

AI in Content Management

With artificial intelligence, we can optimize your content management processes to produce better results for your business. We bring automation to your online business by introducing content personalization, content moderation and workflow management. We build AI algorithms and leverage tools to create content recommendations based on user activities on the website. Our AI developers work on taxonomy refinement to produce classic search results based on inconsistent keyword patterns.

Intelligent Automation

We transform how organizations compete in their industry and market by bringing intelligent automation in place. Our AI specialists work on emerging technologies to reduce back-office work such as finance, HR, IT, supply chain and other customer-facing processes. By combining innovative techniques and latest tools, we re-engineer and automate processes to achieve high productivity and efficiency.

Conversational AI

With our AI and ML expertise, we bring power of conversational AI to power your business with responsiveness. Conversational AI is posing a dramatic change, offering immense value at customer interaction level. With chatbot implementation using Microsoft bot framework integration, we enable enterprises to focus on their responsiveness to maximize reach. We cater to several use cases including customer service, knowledge mining, job/appointment tracking, cross-sell/up-sell across various digital channels.

Technology Expertise across AI

We at Icreon, one of the leading Artificial Intelligence companies, equip your business with unprecedented benefits of Machine Learning. We have a team of AI and ML engineers who are experts in Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Predictive Analytics, and more. With our focus on high-precision AI techniques, we build intelligent solutions that benefit your business in minimizing standard effort and associated cost.

Microsoft Azure

Why AI?

AI offers endless possibilities to businesses that are looking forward to optimizing their business functions and enhancing products to achieve high business growth and efficiency.

AI streamlines data to help your business capture useful insights to make better decisions.

AI helps in reducing operational expenses and real human labor by automating business processes and functions.

AI built systems and software algorithms deliver fast and precise results without breaks and errors.

AI understands correlations and customer sentiments from the captured data to take fact-based actions.

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