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Custom Software Solutions

We offer the best custom software solutions to enable your entire business model


Software Development Overview

We develop enterprise-grade, custom software solutions for companies using the latest tools, technologies and best practices across different industries. Whether you need a new software application for your business or to improve your existing application suite, we tailor our solutions to your specific needs. With Icreon, your custom software solution will include customized components, where necessary, with seamless integration of existing products to minimize risk, project timelines, and costs.

ASTM International

We worked with ASTM, an international standards organization that publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for diverse materials, products, and services. We defined the future of digital ecosystem with the introduction of Real-Time Data-Exchange (RTDX), which is responsible to connect all ASTM systems together in real-time. RTDX is a scalable platform built on Microsoft Azure that connects various systems, messages and alerts from all ASTM digital properties. The platform has solved the complex challenges of how data flows in and out of the business.

XPO Logistics

We worked with XPO Logistics, a multinational transportation and contract logistics company, on an integration architecture with the deployment of the universal connector. Well-integrated with customers third party POS platforms via Enterprise Service Bus, the company has significantly reduced costs during new customer acquisition. Using AI analytics, the XPO team now manages capacity planning and last mile delivery.

Software Development

Custom Software Development Solutions

As the best software company in New York, we create custom software that are smart and scalable. While there are a number of technologies and frameworks we support, Icreon's development teams are unique for saying no to a number of other technologies. With so much diversity in the technology tool-space, a critical aspect of developing software is knowing what not to utilize, and forgoing tech-fads that are short-term favorites.

Software Product Development

Our award-winning team of software developers work with you to ideate, design and develop scalable custom software products tailored to your business model. We follow industry leading approach to quality throughout the development process.

Software Optimization & Maintenance

We strategically develop atop your existing technology landscape so that you don't have to move away from systems that are deeply embedded into your operations. We follow best optimization techniques that drive performance and help increase ROI.

Legacy System Migration & Modernization

We work with businesses to overhaul existing software systems to work in line with today's digital-first business atmosphere. We provide modernization, refactoring, migration to newer platforms. We do architecture review and create software blueprint to overcome your business hurdles.

Software Architecture

Our team of solution architects work with you to build out flexible, scalable software products that align with business strategy for now, and future business growth. We bring your product ideas into reality by applying best-in-class iterative methodologies.

Third Party Product Customization

With in-depth understanding of various tech platforms, components, both open source and proprietary, we scale or extend your business functions to address evolving needs. We can integrate new software with custom-made or platform-based tools like ERP and CRM.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our testing professionals follow best QA practices to improve the quality and reliability of your software products. With our well-defined testing methodologies, we ensure higher client satisfaction and reduced maintenance costs.

Technology Expertise

Software is redefining the market by having a true pulse of the market's needs. As one of the top software companies in New York, we employ software architects, product managers and global developers who are experts across software platforms - Java, Microsoft (.NET), Open-Source (Python & PHP) and frontend stacks (Angular & React) - making Icreon an ideal software development partner for those who are serious about building an operationally efficient business.

Microsoft Azure

Why Software Development?

Software applications for businesses can transform your internal business function by streamlining operations, improve transparency, drive employee’s efficiency, improve decision making, enhance inter-departmental communication, and improve reporting.

Bring innovative product ideas to the table and verify and prototype its potential with customers and investors.

Increase the longevity of a product by adding features to stay relevant with changing market needs.

Identify and extend product functionality with open source and cross platform integration across the devices.

Application upgrades, performance monitoring and security upgrades to solve the underlying complexity.

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