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Data Migration

Ensuring that as your digital ecosystem evolves, your business can leverage accumulated data

What We Do

At Icreon, we work with businesses in migrating outdated technologies & platforms

Odds are, your business is running on an outdated set of systems that manage your in-house operations. Your internal collaboration tools are used sparingly and your employees end up using their own forms of communication. There's no centralized document repository for you to manage workflows and revisions.

This scenario is all too common today – businesses across the world are moving rapidly just to barely keep up with trends in mobility, security, and cloud infrastructure. Legacy System Migrations (Overhauls, Modernizations) tend to happen infrequently within businesses – but when they do occur, it's an expansive effort. 

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Data Migration Case Studies


Our Approach to Data Migration

Too often, we see businesses that essentially replicate their legacy platforms into a more 'modernized' version of the same platforms. That is typically because there's not enough emphasis on truly understanding how the business process has morphed and evolved. This subsequently leads to predictably better functioning software, but doesn't lead to a predictably better functioning business. Oftentimes, the initial modernization strategy is the core catalyst for ensuring that multiple months of implementation, execution & system modernization are what yields C-Level success.

When Icreon works on a legacy systems modernization, we emphasize the 3 P's: People, Processes, Platforms. How do these three activities interplay with each other & more importantly, how should they interplay with each other in the future?

This mindset lets our enterprise teams truly think about tangibly transforming the business through a modernization and migration effort. The relationship between these three can be tough to define, but it comes down to recognizing and being transparent as a business about strengths and weaknesses.

For example - high turnover businesses need to be more process-regimented through their platforms, whereas low-attrition workforces need to worry more about developing niche workflows that cater to power users. Small and simple observations consistently such as these ensure that our modernization projects appropriately infuse a business' idiosyncrasies into the systems, technologies & platforms that enable them.

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