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Mobile App Development

Simply put, we develop award-winning mobile applications

The Future of Mobile

Today's consumer exists everywhere. Gone are the days where brick-and-mortar stores are the primary interaction in the marketplace. Users are no longer looking for the nearest store - they’re looking for the nearest device, and organizations need to be available across all platforms and mediums. At Icreon, we work with businesses to build out a holistic approach toward contextualized experiences that resonate across different devices & media. We’ll take the time to understand your consumer, and build out seamless paths for transactions.

This ultimately means developing and designing mobile app ecosystems that are continuous extensions of the overall CX for your customers & employees. Mobile data-points are valuable - from geolocation to short-term-engagement to mobile commerce. Figuring out how best to activate your customers on mobile based on the activities they're most likely to complete and enjoy is critical to ensuring you don't fatigue your customer or overdo your investments in the wrong mobile experiences.


“We apply a strategically methodical process to everything we do.”

Our Approach

Our processes ensure we deliver the highest quality of strategic initiatives.

Conducting market assessments, competitor analysis and customer journey testing to develop robust content hierarchy for digital products & experiences.

Architecting the micro-experiences that exist within the macro-interactions between brand and customer through visual and motion design.

Creating more successful go-to-market plans an organization’s digital IP by identifying and enabling strong product-market fit.

Capturing customer sentiment, implicit & explicit desires & opportunities to delight users through direct feedback and data analysis.

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