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Trusted by the world's leading brands

IT Consulting Services

Automate processes, optimize tech stacks, and build scalable business solutions

We offer expert guidance in crafting dynamic customer-centric IT strategies that will enhance your customer experience while optimizing profitability. Our IT service management consultants and engineers work in all aspects of IT, to deliver meaningful outcomes.


From companies like Fordham to Amdocs, Icreon has helped clients all around the world to resolve their most critical IT challenges and prepare for the journey ahead. We bring a flexible structure that allows you to fine tune the solutions to your business and IT objectives.

IT Consulting Services

Trusted by the world's leading brands

"The results of Icreon's initial assessment findings led to a strong plan. They worked seamlessly with our internal engineering team. They treated us like family."Ross Goldenberg, Co-Founder at SiteCompli

Featured Success Story: Unique Sports Management
Creating A Strategy to Improve Process Efficiency

Unique Sports Management is a sports talent agency specializing in bringing top-tier football players to the UK. The agency represents players seeking overseas playing opportunities. Most of their players are generally sourced by the agents, with no system to track them down, resulting in delayed processing times and roadblocks in the sports system.

Our consulting team worked closely with Unique SM to develop the unique IT strategy to build a robust framework that reduced process inefficiency and created a consolidated database with all player information to enable a faster process.

Read the full case study here


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IT Consulting FAQs

  • How do I know if I need an IT consultant?

    A good IT consultant can help you discover ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity. The right consultant will be able to help you identify precisely what your needs are and find the solutions that best fit your business.

    Here's a checklist of questions that will help you determine if you need an IT consultant:

    You Need Help With a Specific Project
    Perhaps you have a project or initiative that involves various aspects of your business's IT environment. An expert can guide and advise throughout the process to get the most out of the investment. For example, if you're implementing a new CRM system, an IT consultant can help coordinate the rollout to ensure that it integrates smoothly into your existing technology infrastructure.

    You Need Ongoing Support
    If you don't have an internal IT person or team, you probably rely on external service providers for support when problems arise. But if these issues are frequent, having a standing relationship with a trusted consultant can save time and money over-relying on multiple vendors for each issue.

    You're Ready For a Technology Upgrade
    Maybe you've outgrown your current system or want to take advantage of new technology that can improve efficiency and productivity. Consulting firms can help you transition from old systems to new ones, so there are no surprises when it comes time to install the new equipment.

    You Want to Stay Up-to-Date on Technology Trends
    Technology is constantly changing and evolving — from hardware to software and beyond — so staying current is important if you want to continue providing top-notch customer service and making smart business decisions about how to invest in new technologies that will improve productivity, reduce costs, and more.
  • What should you look for when hiring an IT consulting company?

    When you're looking for an IT consulting company, you should be able to find one that fits your needs. Here are some things to look for before making your decision.

    When looking for an IT consulting company, it's essential to choose one with experience in the field and knows what they're doing. You don't want to hire a new or inexperienced company because they may not be able to help you with your problems.

    Good Reputation
    You should look for a good reputation when hiring an IT consulting company because it will tell you how well known and respected the company is in its industry. This will help ensure that they have been around long enough to gain experience and knowledge in their industry, which is something that will benefit your business as well as theirs.

    Reliability and Trustworthiness
    When looking for an IT consulting company, reliability and trustworthiness should be at the top of your list of requirements because these are two things that can make or break any business relationship. If a consultant doesn't show up when they say they will or fails to live up to their commitments, it can cause severe problems for your business.

    Communication Skills
    Communication is essential for any successful relationship, especially regarding tech support. Your consultant should be able to clearly explain their recommendations without confusing you with technical jargon. They should also be able to listen to your concerns and questions without getting defensive or frustrated.

    Customer Service
    When you're paying someone for their services, customer service matters even more than usual because it's one way they earn their keep — and keep your business returning for more work! Look for someone who understands that customer service is about more than just answering emails quickly; it means providing exemplary service in every interaction, whether email or phone or in person at a conference booth."
  • What are the benefits of hiring an IT consulting company?

    The benefits of hiring an IT consulting company include:

    You Don't Have to Hire Employees
    The biggest benefit of hiring an IT consulting company is that they take care of everything. You don't have to worry about payroll, benefits, or taxes — the IT consultant takes care of it. And because you're not responsible for any employees, you don't have to worry about paying them or finding replacements when they leave.

    You Can Focus on Running Your Business
    When you hire an IT consultant, you won't have to spend hours troubleshooting and repairing computers or servers. Instead, you can focus on running your business and growing your revenue.

    An IT consultant can help with other areas of your business as well. If your main goal is to grow revenue and make more money, then it makes sense that you'll want help with marketing, sales, customer service, and technology needs like web hosting and security solutions (VPN). Even though these are not strictly considered "IT" needs, if they're going to help your business grow, they're worth investing in!

    Peace of Mind
    It can be extremely stressful when something goes wrong with your computer or software. An IT consultant can take away that stress by handling technical issues while they're still small — before they become big problems that take longer to fix.

    Many people think having a professional handle their technology issues is expensive, but this isn't necessarily true. If you choose the right company, your costs will be minimal compared to what it would cost if you were doing it yourself or if you went through an unqualified technician who wasn't trained in this field of work.
  • What types of companies hire IT consultants?

    Large Companies
    Large companies usually have an in-house IT staff, but that doesn't mean they don't need outside help. As technology changes, it becomes more important than ever for large companies to keep up with the latest developments in their industry, which means they need people who are familiar with the latest trends in technology and can advise them on how best to use it.

    Startups and Small Businesses
    While startups and small businesses often have a hard time finding qualified candidates who can keep up with their fast-paced environment, they also have a harder time keeping up with new developments in technology — especially if they're just starting out or don't have much money to spend on training staff members or buying equipment.
  • How long will it take to get set up with IT consulting services?

    Depends on the size of your organization, the complexity of the needs and goals, and the time required to develop solutions that meet those needs.

    The range of time from initial contact through implementation can vary from a few days to several months. Since our consulting services are based on a fixed-fee basis, there are no hidden costs or surprises when you hire us for IT consulting.

    The length of time it takes to get set up with IT consulting services depends on the scope of work you need to be done. If you have a small project that can be completed in a few weeks, then getting started will be easy and fast. If the project is larger and more complex, then the process will take longer because there will be more research, planning, and development involved in creating solutions for your business needs.

    Our approach begins by defining your goals and objectives as clearly as possible. This helps us understand your situation and formulate plans for meeting them. We then present options for reaching those goals and objectives, including short-term solutions and long-term strategies that fit into your overall business plan.
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