FOX's Leap into Immersive Second Screen Experiences

Explore how Fox Networks engaged their customers and ushered them into the era of seamless, multi-device entertainment.


Fox Networks: Innovating Mobile Entertainment

Fox Networks Group, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, broadcasts an extensive range of media content worldwide, spanning filmed entertainment, cable television, broadcasting, and telecommunications Networks.


Fox Networks Group embarked on a two-fold journey: firstly, to innovate in the mobile space by harnessing the "Second Screen" phenomenon, crafting a multi-dimensional user experience in a fragmented digital landscape. Secondly, they aimed to establish a unified platform for Fox Plus, where they could effectively showcase video-on-demand content across its five channels, ultimately boosting viewership and generating heightened interest through a centralized and user-friendly portal.


Learn how Icreon enhanced Fox Networks' digital presence through innovative mobile application development and website development, creating a multifaceted user experience, seamlessly connecting viewers with diverse content across multiple platforms.

Case Study 1

Immersive Second Screen Experiences for Engaging Entertainment

The Challenge: Crafting Experiences at Scale in a Fragmented Digital World


Fox Networks Group, in partnership with Icreon, has a history of developing sophisticated enterprise solutions. The new challenge for Fox Movies was to innovate in the mobile space, targeting smartphones and tablets. A key focus was leveraging the "Second Screen" phenomenon, an emerging behavior where audiences engage with additional digital devices while watching TV. The ambition was to craft a multi-dimensional user experience that resonates in a world where digital attention is fragmented and highly competitive.


The Solution: Built TV Companion App to Create Immersive Experiences


 Diving into the "Second Screen" dynamics, Icreon conceptualized the "TV Companion" app, a strategic move to redefine viewer engagement. This app was designed to be a comprehensive portal for Fox Networks Group' content, providing users with a plethora of features like updates on favorite shows, timely reminders for upcoming episodes, sneak peeks into future projects, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. The development spanned across multiple platforms, with specialized apps for both Android and iOS environments, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience. This solution's backbone was a custom API, intricately linked to FOX’s proprietary content management system, and bolstered by social media integrations, enabling a social, interactive, and real-time connection with audiences.


The Result: Established a Competitive Edge in Entertainment through Multi-Screen Experience


Icreon rose to the challenge by developing a "TV Companion" app, a strategic initiative aimed at transforming how viewers interact with television content. This app served as a comprehensive gateway to Fox Networks Group' offerings, integrating a variety of features such as timely show updates, episode reminders, exclusive sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes content. The app’s development spanned multiple platforms, with specialized versions for both Android and iOS, ensuring a user experience that was both seamless and personalized. Underpinning this solution was a custom-built API, intricately connected to FOX’s content management system. Through this collaboration, Fox Networks Group not only adapted to the evolving digital landscape but also set new standards in viewer engagement and multi-screen interaction.

Case Study 2

Fox Plus - New Video-on-Demand Platform for Fox Channels

The Challenge: Creating a Unified Platform for Seamless Content Access


Another major challenge faced by Fox Networks was to create a unified platform for all five of its channels, including Fox Drama, Fox Cinema, Fox Life, National Geographic, and Baby TV, to showcase their video-on-demand content.


This platform was envisioned to operate on a subscription-based model, with third-party service providers enabling viewers to subscribe, log in, and access their preferred shows. The objective was to attract more viewership and interest in their content by offering a one-stop-shop for viewers to explore and access available content seamlessly.


The Solution: Dynamic Website Redesign for an Entertainment Networks


Fox Plus, a part of Fox Networks Group, chose Icreon as a technological partner to create a website that branches all the media content on 5 channels worldwide. It was conceptualized to launch a new website featuring shows across all Fox Plus channels. Each show is categorized by genre, along with all information related to the show, such as the synopsis. Based on viewers’ choices, the website can show suggestions of other shows that they may like.


Built with an eye-catching design and easy navigation, the new website would attract more customers. Prospective viewers can subscribe to third-party service providers and watch their favorite shows or series if they like the content. Icreon built the new website with Drupal, an open-source content management system (CMS). It is highly customizable and can be used for any website, including corporate, e-commerce, community, news, and social Networking sites.


This partnership made it easier to browse the web on Fox Plus Networks, which boosted interest in its shows. Thanks to targeted releases and recommendation engines, there was also a rise in viewership.


The Result: 5 Channels, One Platform: FOX's Innovative Viewer Connection Strategy


To promote its television shows, FOX developed a website that allowed viewers to connect with the shows they love. The website provided content related to each show, including schedules, trailers, quizzes and contests. In addition, FOX's microsites allowed viewers to learn more about the actors and characters on the show. Icreon worked with FOX throughout the design process to provide a better way for viewers to connect with their favorite shows.


The website was designed to be responsive, making it easy to use on mobile devices. This allowed FOX to reach a wider audience, leading to more viewers and higher ratings for the Fox Networks’ shows.

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