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As an award-winning commercetools partner, Icreon empowers your composable journey from frontend to checkout to make your commerce projects go live in weeks. Commercetools offers a powerful headless commerce platform, promising limitless scalability and lightning-fast performance with no code simplicity. However, maximizing its potential requires a partner who understands the intricacies of headless architecture, frontend experience optimizations, checkout integrations and much more. Icreon, as your trusted commercetools expert, helps companies design winning commerce formulas for rewarding experiences and fast-track growth while lowering total cost of ownership.


We go beyond basic implementation, from strategic planning and tech stack integration to launch, optimization and maintenance support. At Icreon, our team works with you to get a custom-built commerce experience, tailored to your needs. Leveraging MACH principles, we craft pre-composed functionality that supercharges your commercetools experience.

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Trusted by industry leading brands

“We wanted a digital experience that could help us move the needle, not only from a financial perspective, but also really drive guest experience. We wanted a great partner that could be strategic, innovative, and help us stand out in our market and across the entire gaming industry and for this reason we selected Icreon as a partner.”


Ryan McGrath, Executive VP of Digital Marketing Innovation, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

A winning hand on digital experiences with composability

MLCV, a leading casino giant, reached out to Icreon seeking growth with a customer experience transformation. The Icreon team helped MLCV with a comprehensive redesign of their website, the integration of advanced personalization across their marketing channels, and the creation of a streamlined player management portal. Uncover how Icreon team introduced composable commerce in MLCV outdated digital infrastructure to overcome growth hurdles.

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