Casino Deals a Winning Hand on Digital Customer Experience

A casino giant plays its cards right with a customer experience transformation, securing a high-stakes position for growth.


Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures Places Its Bet on Icreon

Facing challenges from an outdated digital experience and infrastructure, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures (ML Corporate Ventures) sought growth by partnering with Icreon. They transformed web experiences, player management, and content delivery systems across gaming, dining, events, and hospitality, resulting in accelerated growth. Uncover the winning hand behind ML Corporate Ventures' customer experience transformation.

The Challenge

Facing a Royal Flush of Digital Hurdles

ML Corporate Ventures faced an array of significant challenges impacting their digital customer experience. Their existing website had reached the end of its life cycle, becoming increasingly vulnerable from a functionality standpoint. The web experience also failed to reflect the brand and provide their guests with the same 5-star experience that they receive when visiting ML Corporate Ventures’ casinos and resorts. Despite their great marketing efforts, due to limited functionality, the website remained underutilized as a marketing tool because it failed to engage and meet the expectations of their customers.


The limitations of the website were evident in its inability to deliver location-specific content and timely event updates, leading to user frustration when searching for specific events and games nearby. Personalization options were severely restricted, limiting the scope to tailor content and user experiences, thus missing valuable opportunities to drive revenue. The website's user interface was notably cumbersome, burdened by excessive clicks, which hindered navigation and overall user experience. This fragmented experience often led visitors to steer away from the website within seconds, resulting in poor customer engagement and reduced bookings for events, hotels, etc. The whole scenario posed a significant competitive disadvantage for ML Corporate Ventures as it was way behind their competition in user experience.


Furthermore, site maintenance had become arduous, marked by ongoing patchwork efforts that required continuous fixes and updates to keep it operational. The absence of automation in various operational aspects, such as marketing campaigns, further exacerbated operational inefficiencies creating redundant work for the ML Corporate Ventures marketing team. Moreover, the website experienced frequent downtime, leading to reduced user accessibility and reliability issues.


At ML Corporate Ventures, the introduction of XM Cloud was a game-changer, and our partnership with Icreon elevated the entire experience. Daily meetings, agile approach, and seamless collaboration defined our journey while boosting speed to market. Icreon became an invaluable extension of our team, aligning flexibly with our business goals.

Ryan McGrath
Executive VP of Digital Marketing Innovation, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

“We wanted a digital experience that could help us move the needle, not only from a financial perspective, but also really drive guest experience. We wanted a great partner that could be strategic, innovative, and help us stand out in our market and across the entire gaming industry and for this reason we selected Icreon as a partner.”

Ryan McGrath
Executive VP of Digital Marketing Innovation, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures
Client Success Story – MLCV Casinos
The Solution

A Winning Ticket: Personalized Interactions for Every Touchpoint.

Icreon initiated the transformation journey by conducting in-depth market research to gain a nuanced understanding of the gaming industry, its evolving trends, and ML Corporate Ventures' customer expectations. They identified the challenges and then built out a roadmap to elevate their digital presence.


As part of ML Corporate Ventures' strategic initiative to simplify the user interface and reduce user friction, Icreon developed a click map analysis to drive a comprehensive CX redesign that was data-driven and would dramatically improve the user experience. This provided visitors with a user-friendly and intuitive navigation experience, minimizing the number of clicks needed to find desired content on the website, thus enhancing user engagement and conversions. To help achieve this, Icreon leveraged advanced personalization capabilities through Sitecore XM Cloud, enabling the delivery of tailored content and user experiences based on individual preferences, location, and real-time data. This enhanced content delivery significantly improved overall website efficiency and responsiveness.


The Icreon team also created a player management portal, dashboard, and custom automations designed to enable the marketing team to maximize the use of personalization. This allowed the marketing team to run tailored promotions and discounts to engage players on a personal level with ML Corporate Ventures' gaming, events, and hospitality offerings. Moreover, the single sign-on (SSO) integration for both employees and customers eliminated the need for repeated login credentials, simplifying access.


Icreon’s CX strategy, design and content teams also assisted ML Corporate Ventures with component guidelines, copywriting best practices to make the website content management more efficient and productive. Icreon put together a detailed process for new campaign pages creation and provided in-depth training and insights into Sitecore's features and functionalities.

Our Approach
The Result

Icreon Helped ML Corporate Ventures Stack the Deck with Results

In the world of ML Corporate Ventures' digital transformation, they were once dealt a challenging hand with an outdated digital customer experience. However, their decision to partner with Icreon proved to be the ace up their sleeve. ML Corporate Ventures embarked on a transformation journey that addressed their challenges head-on. This involved a comprehensive redesign of their website, the integration of advanced personalization across their marketing channels, and the creation of a streamlined player management portal. These initiatives have not only improved user engagement but also cultivated customer loyalty and positioned ML Corporate Ventures for growth in this high-stakes digital game.


“Ecstatically our website is so much more beautiful. I love the look of the new site, Icreon nailed it. A lot of people have commented that the website is so much easier to navigate. And throughout this project one of our main goals was to make the experience easier and more intuitive for our guests. I am so proud of the work that we did with Icreon. This project went really, really well and I’m excited for a continued partnership. Ultimately, we had a partner that we could lean on, learn from, and grow from, so I would recommend working with Icreon.”

- Ryan McGrath, Executive VP of Digital and Marketing Innovation, ML Corporate Ventures

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