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How Sitecore’s Personalization Features Can Drive Dynamic Business Growth

Personalization matters now more than ever. Gone are the days when consumers do not expect any personalized recommendations based on their purchases. Treating customer experiences as "one size fits all" will not work anymore and is counterintuitive for businesses looking to drive customer loyalty and bottom-line revenue.

A Quick Overview of Personalization

Business leaders and marketers looking to drive business growth, choose Sitecore as their digital experience platform (XP), due to its robust personalization capabilities. Sitecore XP, equips teams with the ability to deliver focused and relevant content to their audience, by creating rules that cater to different goals, criteria, or engagement plans.

But how are brands harnessing Sitecore’s power to drive growth?

Targeting and personalization go hand in hand for digital marketers looking to elevate the customer experience. While content reigns queen, brands are now taking a deeper look into how to make content more relevant to each end user. From the layout of the page, to the images shown or products recommended, every part of the digital experience is created with a special focus on the consumer's preferences, based on two types of personalization. Sitecore’s platform uses both an implicit and explicit approach to personalization.

Implicit Personalization

Implicit personalization focuses on the visitor's behavior. For example:

- What pages are they viewing?
- What links they clicked on?
- What links garner their attention?

All these activities imply an interest. This makes it possible to display relevant content that may be accompanied with a message such as 'You might be interested in this..."

Explicit Personalization

On the other hand, explicit personalization is based on definitive information such as a regional location, for example. Now you can dive deeper into personalization by continuous tracking of implicit and explicit user behavior. Sitecore delivers all the tools to create complicated personalization scenarios to drive your consumer to the path of conversion. With a simple model that evolves, you and your team can define the elements of your content and curate user journeys. Over some time, as you get more familiar with personalization and understand what works, you can create greater sophistication and align the right strategy and objectives.

Leverage Sitecore Personalization to Improve Customer Experience and Drive Revenue

Personalization is never one and done. It is about continuous experimentation and testing. It requires looking at quality and abundant data, being creative, and seeing the experience from the customer's point of view. Here are some useful tactics to get started with personalization.

Begin with a Plan and Commit to it

Personalization is a long-term game that requires commitment. While you may be eager to jump right in, planning is a must. Be sure to determine and set goals; understand who you are delivering personalization to and why; and set measures of success. Setting realistic timelines for reviewing and improvising your personalization simultaneously is key.

Learn, and Learn Some More

Getting started with personalization requires a steep learning curve. Within Sitecore XP there are many nuances to consider. Fortunately, there are several resources available to help you out. To get started, consider connecting with a partner who can supplement your team with the resources and knowledge to maximize your Sitecore investment.

Identify Impactful Use Cases

There are plenty of use cases available for personalization. As mentioned above, deciding who you are delivering experiences to and why is a crucial step. Think about value for the end-user, always.

Re-evaluate and Do Better than Before

The journey to personalization is best performed through an evolving and reiterative process where you can introspect the triumphs of your past efforts and make any tweaks to further improve. Learn from your experience and start at it again. Sitecore's Personalization is driven by explicit and implicit behavior. It allows you to design a unique journey for customer based on behavioral trends. It is best to start with proper planning and document the personalization journey.

Driving Brand Advocacy and Growth

Successful companies have raised the bar for customer experience, starting with the very first interaction. But that is only the beginning. Post-purchase behaviors are usually where customers get to know about your brand and see if you are going to create relevant experiences to build trust. To maximize your efforts, Sitecore's broad set of capabilities can craft an impeccable CX and successful marketing campaigns. Meaningful engagement and strong customer relationships should be the focus of any e-commerce site. When done right, this leads to an improved conversion rate and increased revenue and overall better customer experience.