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A Proven Digital Transformation Partner

Global Presences
Years of Growth
Team On-Staff
Employees with 5+ Years at Icreon

Our global team works across strategy, creative & technology in every engagement.

Growth Brands value our vast experience with a diverse array of clients, and our people are the engine that continues to fuel growth.

Working with big and small has made us one of the few agencies that can manage balance deliberation with acceleration, and our employees sit at the center of it all.


A Team of Innovators


  • Himanshu
  • Chief Executive Officer
Sandeep Sawhney
  • Sandeep Sawhney
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • umesh
Parveen Malik
  • Parveen Malik
  • Managing Director, UK
Steve Lamensdorf
  • Steve Lamensdorf
  • SVP, Customer Experience
Prasant Varghese
  • Prasant Varghese
  • Chief Operating Officer
Paul Miser
  • Paul Miser
  • Chief Strategy Officer
Shaily Walia
  • Shaily Walia
  • Manager, Human Resources
Kamelesh Jain
  • Kamelesh Jain
  • Lead Software Architect
Girish Marwah
  • Girish Marwah
  • Senior Manager, Managed Cloud
Amit Pundeer
  • Amit Pundeer
  • Senior Director, Engineering
Mukesh Goel
  • Mukesh Goel
  • Global Head of Finance
Ketan Sethi
  • Ketan Sethi
  • Engagement Manager


How We Give Back - Icreon For Good

Leveraging education as an enabler to bring about positive change for the next generation

Icreon For Good, the CSR wing of Icreon, creates and supports platforms that can provide underprivileged children with opportunities to lead a better life.

Started in 2014 IFG supports 5 under-privileged schools and Thalassemia patients. By organizing different events, it also provides its employees with opportunities to volunteer and be a part of this social cause and develop them into more sensitized and responsible Icreon citizens.

Brand Values

The core brand values that we infuse into everything we do

To care deeply about our clients and employees, making it a priority to always do right by them and constantly strive to reflect this in all our actions.

To form long lasting relationships with all of our stakeholders – this extends to both our employees as well as our clients.

To operate in a lean and agile mindset - we are a self-funded, bootstrapped company and have this built into our DNA. We do not tolerate bureaucracy and meritocracy is the only currency.

To be lifelong learners; this has been essential for our survival and viability as we operate in a hyper competitive environment.