Custom Marketplaces

Manage, Sell, and Grow Online with a Custom Marketplace

Effortlessly connect buyers and sellers, streamline your processes, and scale your success with our innovative B2B and B2C marketplace solutions.

B2B and B2C Portal Services

Drive Your Business Forward with a Custom Marketplace Solution

We build custom marketplaces and partner portals – connecting vendors, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and consumers from across the globe to create a win-win situation for your entire business ecosystem. We design and develop customized digital commerce experiences packed with high-performance ecommerce architectures, conversion-driven UIs, and personalized shopping experiences enjoyed by millions of people every year.

Marketplace Consulting & Development

Unlock Business Potential with Custom Marketplace Development

B2B Marketplace Development

Empower seamless B2B transactions with our custom marketplace solutions. We help you build a custom marketplace platform that connects buyers and sellers within your industry. Icreon facilitates secure transactions, streamlines operations, fosters collaboration, and drives growth within your entire B2B ecosystem.

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B2C Marketplace Development

Revolutionize your online sales with Icreon. Create a thriving B2C marketplace where customers discover a world of products from diverse sellers. Icreon empowers you to build a secure and scalable platform, maximizing customer engagement and driving sales growth.

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Multi-vendor Marketplace Development

Icreon crafts robust multi-vendor marketplaces, fostering a vibrant online shopping experience. We connect your brand with a diverse pool of sellers, attracting new customers, driving sales, and streamlining operations – all on a secure, scalable platform.

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Loyalty Programs

Craft a customized loyalty program for your marketplace. Icreon designs custom loyalty programs for your B2B marketplace, aligning with your specific goals and audience. Our CX experts help you incentivize buyers and sellers, fostering customer engagement, repeat purchases, and long-term value.

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Marketplace Integration

At Icreon, we help you with full integration services ranging from CRM, marketing automation, analytics, ERP, PIM, and other systems to enrich the functionality of your marketplaces. Our commerce experts architect the integration plan in a way that ensures infrastructure integrity and security throughout the process.

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Custom MVP Launch & Iterative Feature Rollout

Create a first version of the marketplace fast while consistently deploying the latest features to improve performance further. We follow agile principles and leverage the right mix of technology, tools, and people to achieve your strategic business objectives.

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AI-Driven Personalization

Build AI-powered marketplace solutions to leverage intelligent search & analytics capabilities, business workflow optimization, and advance user experience with personalized shopping recommendations. We use Machine Learning and big data processing algorithms to uncover actionable insights from user behavior, purchases, and data patterns.

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Custom Accelerators

Get to market faster with our commerce accelerator programs

Try before you buy with a true proof of concept in our fully integrated sandboxes pre-loaded with our family of modular, composable technology partners including Commercetools, Algolia, Cloudinary, Bloomreach, Contentstack, and many more. Experience for yourself how your business model works with the leading technology platforms.


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Deep Technology Expertise


Success Story: Melissa Shoes
How Melissa Shoes Prioritized Being Tech-Driven Commerce

Melissa Shoes, the iconic Brazilian brand known for its vegan and recyclable footwear, faced operational challenges managing their 80+ country presence. Icreon stepped in, crafting an enterprise-level retail management system. This solution connected disparate systems, automated processes, and boosted efficiency. Now, Melissa leverages real-time data for smarter decisions, maintaining their sustainable edge on a global scale.

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