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Icreon Makes your Ecommerce Seamless with Sitecore Commerce Cloud

As your trusted Sitecore Commerce Cloud Management partner, we help you create seamless, data-driven, and personalized commerce experiences across all channels.

AI-Driven Sitecore Commerce Cloud Development

Embrace Next-Gen Commerce to Unlock Omnichannel Success with Icreon

Icreon, your premier Sitecore Commerce Cloud Partner, excels in tailoring Sitecore Commerce Cloud solutions to your unique needs. With AI-driven search and merchandising, Sitecore Discover, and the adaptable headless experience of Sitecore Ordercloud, we leverage modern development tools and unified e-commerce platforms to unlock genuine value for your e-commerce growth.

Drive Better Conversions

Scale Your Ecommerce Strategies to Maximize Conversion Rates through Hyper-Relevant Experiences

Sitecore Commerce Cloud is your gateway to omnichannel excellence, offering seamless customer experiences and unmatched personalization. But, without proper implementation of a pre-built algorithmic recommendation engine while setting up Sitecore Discover, brands can risk fragmented customer journeys and missed revenue opportunities. Along with this, inadequate configuration of commerce strategies such as product browsing, conversion pathways and transactional interactions using Order Cloud can result in subpar customer experience, inefficient order fulfillment processes, and limited omnichannel engagements, leading to poor storefront performance. Also, complexities arise from lack of scalability and incomplete integrations from engagement systems like CRM, ERP, POS, OMS, can hinder your commerce growth.


As a pioneer of Sitecore Commerce Cloud, we excel in optimizing Sitecore Discover and Order Cloud. With certified Sitecore developers and CX experts, we meticulously configure and optimize your Discover setup. Our proficiency in headless, microservices, and API integrations unlocks Sitecore Order Cloud's potential, driving tailored solutions that resonate with audiences and boost conversions. We transform e-commerce, making it streamlined, personalized, and ROI-centric. Through Sitecore Discover's AI-powered merchandising and Sitecore OrderCloud's flexible architecture, we create tailored solutions that resonate with audiences and drive conversions.


Working with Icreon has allowed us to make our processes more efficient, while at the same time, and most importantly, providing a more personalized experience to our members.

Fred Lebow
Founder, New York City Marathon
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Our Expertise in Commerce Cloud Solutions
  • Tailored Journeys, Enhanced UX

    We empowers businesses to harness the full potential of Sitecore Commerce Cloud's Discover service, amplifying e-commerce engagement. Utilizing AI-driven tools, A/B testing, and tailored merchandising, we facilitate hyper-relevant search results, personalized shopping experiences, and intelligent analytics for optimal customer conversions.

  • OrderCloud: Unified Shopping Across All Channels

    Maximizing the capabilities of Sitecore OrderCloud and ensure unified shopping experiences. From headless architecture strategy to build to QA, we provide end-to-end composable Sitecore development and strategy services. Our experts provide a scalable MACH architecture with seamless integrations across B2C, B2B, and D2C channels.

Unlock Your Success with Icreon

A Certified Sitecore Commerce Cloud Implementation Partner

We ensure seamless integration, streamlined workflows, and data-driven strategies, aligning your e-commerce goals with Sitecore's capabilities.

Omnichannel Strategy Development

Icreon partners with businesses to understand their unique customer bases and tailor omnichannel strategies accordingly. By analyzing current engagement metrics and identifying gaps in the customer journey, Icreon leverages Sitecore Commerce Cloud to create a unified shopping experience. Whether customers interact with your brand online, on mobile, or in-store, Icreon ensures a cohesive and consistent brand experience throughout, driving increased loyalty and sales.

AI-Enhanced Personalization

Personalization is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Icreon taps into the powerful AI features of Sitecore Discover to understand individual shopper behaviors, preferences, and histories. We offer Sitecore Discover Personalization services to help businesses curate personalized product recommendations, content, and offers in real-time. This level of tailored interaction significantly boosts conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and average order values.

Efficient A/B Testing & Analytics

Through efficient A/B testing methods, Icreon allows businesses to experiment with different commerce solutions, landing pages, and promotional strategies. We derive insights from user interactions, ensuring that the e-commerce platform constantly evolves to provide the best experience for users. This proactive approach aids in optimizing marketing budgets, refining product placements, and maximizing ROI.

Integrated Ecommerce Solutions

Recognizing the diverse needs of various sales channels, Icreon uses Sitecore OrderCloud services to integrate all facets of your digital commerce ecosystem. From managing intricate B2B contracts to handling direct-to-consumer sales and everything in between, Icreon ensures that businesses are equipped to handle the intricacies of modern commerce, offering customers a seamless and consistent experience across all sales channels.

Headless Commerce Development

With our Sitecore's Order Cloud headless commerce services, we enable businesses to decouple their front-end presentation layer from back-end commerce functions. This ensures rapid adaptability to emerging technologies and platforms, all while maintaining a robust and scalable backend. Through this approach, businesses can easily pivot and scale, ensuring they remain ahead of digital trends and consumer expectations.

Custom Ecommerce Architecture Design

Drawing from Sitecore Order Cloud's capabilities, we help businesses craft and implement a state-of-the-art e-commerce architecture, ensuring optimized content management, real-time intelligence, and elevated customer experiences.

Enhanced Merchandising & Content Management

By understanding the importance of relevant and differentiated experiences, Icreon helps businesses create tailored product placements, promotions, and content strategies. The aim is to engage consumers with compelling narratives and offers, driving higher conversion rates.

Tursted by global leaders

New York Road Runner
Innovating Digital Commerce to Enhance the Runner's Experience

New York Road Runners (NYRR), the world's largest running organization, leveraged the Sitecore platform to extend the New York City Marathon experience. Together with Icreon, NYRR adopted a retail-inspired approach, creating virtual running programs and enhancing their ecommerce engine across digital properties. This strategic shift enabled by Icreon helped NYRR to foster ongoing engagement and transactions with their running community, extending the marathon's impact before and after the event. Read full case study here.

Unleash the Power of Personalized Commerce with Icreon