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Elevate Your Content Discoverability With AI-powered Sitecore Search

Elevate content discoverability with AI-powered Sitecore search. As your certified Platinum Sitecore partner, Icreon ensures customers find what they care about, inspiring a more meaningful connection with your content.

Sitecore Content Search

Take Charge of your Content Game with Icreon's Seamless Search Experience Transformation

We understand individual visitors’ intent in real-time and craft searchable experiences across different assets to connect each visitor with the right content. As your trusted Sitecore AI Powered Search Services Partner, our team of certified developers, content strategists, and CX experts can help you craft dynamic solutions for frictionless content search and management, driving personalized and engaging user experiences while navigating content complexities.

Maximize Your Content Returns

Search Mastery Simplified with Icreon: Fast, Predictive, and Multilingual Solutions

Sitecore's Search solution delivers lightning-fast, personalized searches that anticipate user needs within milliseconds, providing an engaging browsing experience. However, when the configuration doesn't finely tune the search algorithm to match your specific content and user needs, issues can arise. These issues may include improper content tagging, web content indexing, exposure of API keys in client-side code, and arbitrary relevance tuning values. These can lead to non-actionable insights, slow responses, security issues, and poor result relevancy.


As a leading Sitecore Search Management Service provider, we empower your digital platform with advanced Sitecore Search capabilities while avoiding such hassles of implementation, leading to fast, predictive search with superior user experience. We are experienced in employing AI and context-aware rules to enhance user experiences, drive engagement, and boost conversions in real-time. With seamless integration and multilingual support, we help you control the user journey while gaining insights for continuous improvement. Partner with Icreon to propel your brand to new heights with a dynamic, highly engaging online experience.


Working with Icreon is Comfort and Innovation. We explained what the dream was, and the Icreon team gave us exactly what we explained and much more.

Laura Kucera
Partner, Chief Marketing, and Sales Officer , at Citrin Cooperman
A trusted Sitecore Platinum Partner
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Sitecore Search Solutions
  • Unified Content Search Experiences

    Streamline users’ search experiences across channels, elevate efficiency, and amplify insights with our Sitecore Search Connectivity Management Services. By integrating diverse data sources, platforms, and formats into a single, user-friendly search interface, we ensure users can quickly find the information they need, saving time and effort.

  • Improved Visitor Engagement

    Transform browsing into meaningful interactions that elevate engagement. From surfacing hyper-relevant content through AI-based rules to exploring more choices on Sitecore, Icreon empowers organizations to forge stronger connections with their audience, resulting in higher retention rates and increased user satisfaction.

  • Controlled Experience 

    Icreon seamlessly integrates Sitecore's content search, guided navigation, and promotion components into your website, preserving your brand identity and providing full control over the user experience and accelerating the customer journey.

  • Personalized Search Experiences

    Leveraging Sitecore's data personalization and analytics, we ensure that your content is not only easily searchable but also tailored to individual user preferences, maximizing your digital presence's impact.

  • Multilingual Support

    Break language barriers and expand your horizons with our comprehensive multilingual support for content search. Our Sitecore experts effortlessly incorporate multiple languages into your Sitecore search functionality, ensuring global relevance and accessibility for your diverse audience.

  • Deep Content Insights

    Our team provides comprehensive insights into visitor engagement with themes and keywords across your content. This data-driven approach empowers you to continuously refine your content strategy and enhance user engagement.

Our Approach

Icreon’s Sitecore Search Implementation Services

Icreon helps to transform content into a strategic asset with cutting-edge search, engagement, and management services.

Business Requirements Understanding

At Icreon, we begin by meticulously gathering and analyzing your business requirements. Our team works closely with you to understand your unique needs, ensuring that our solutions are tailor-made to drive success, efficiency, and growth for your organization.

Foundational Setup

We help you plan, implement, and optimize Sitecore's content cloud solutions as per your business requirements. We synchronize diverse data sources, ensuring a unified and powerful search experience. From API integration to data synchronization, we amplify Sitecore's solution prowess, enhancing user satisfaction and business outcomes.

Solution Extension

At Icreon, we help you extend or modify Sitecore solutions – tailored to your unique needs. From personalized user journeys to seamless integrations of Sitecore solution in your existing tech stacks, Icreon’s services help you accelerate the overall impact of content cloud integrations into your business. From faceted search to predictive typing, we tailor your Sitecore search to deliver accurate and lightning-fast results.

Support & Upgrade

Being a certified Sitecore partner, Icreon offers comprehensive upgrades and Sitecore content support services for Sitecore solutions. We ensure a seamless transition to the latest Sitecore version, optimizing your search capabilities. From performance tuning to troubleshooting, we've got you covered, maximizing search efficiency and user satisfaction. Trust Icreon to elevate your Sitecore content search experience.

Trusted By Global Leaders

Lacs Corporate Ventures (MLCV)
Revitalizing a Casino's Digital Experience with Sitecore

Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures (MLCV) runs large businesses operations, spanning gaming and hospitality. Facing the challenges of an outdated infrastructure, MLCV turned to Icreon for help. After an in-depth analysis, Icreon suggested and integrated Sitecore XM cloud to improve their player management and content delivery systems and ultimately surge ahead in the competitive landscape. Explore MLCV's remarkable digital transformation story.

Unlock hyper-relevance: Transform your search experience with Sitecore content search solutions.