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Unlock hyper-relevant shopping. Our expertise with Sitecore Personalized and merchandizing solutions helps you build loyalty and maximum conversions.

Search & Merchandizing Integration Services

Transforming Shopping into a Personalized Journey with Icreon

We believe that deploying transformative digital experiences is not just about technology; it's about enriching customer journeys and driving meaningful business innovation. Sitecore's Search and Merchandizing Solutions aligns with this vision. We fine-tune search results with precision, leveraging granular relevancy settings, product engagement metrics, and personalization techniques. Our expertise in Sitecore Discover extends to enhancing product recommendations, enabling you to craft unparalleled shopping experiences that drive transformative business results.

Maximize ROI with Sitecore Search and Merchandizing

Delivering Targeted Content to Drive More Conversions & Sales

One pivotal demand of modern shoppers is personalized experience. Sitecore's Search & Merchandizing solutions promise businesses to meet these expectations by delivering fast, intelligent search results and fine-tuned product recommendations. Yet, with myriad challenges like decoding buyer intent, navigating proper configurations, and creating a unified omnichannel journey, businesses can fail to maximize their Sitecore investment.


We excel in Sitecore journey optimization, Sitecore Personalized Search, and Sitecore Search Development Services. We meticulously configure and optimize your Search & Merchandizing setup to ensure that your business reaps the full benefits promised by Sitecore. Our data-driven approach combines advanced ML and AI-powered search technology with a profound understanding of your target audience, enabling us to fine-tune relevancy settings, leverage hyper-personalization, and enhance product recommendations.


Icreon has been instrumental in our digital transformation; their team has assisted us to move away from paper-based paraphernalia and onto an online digital experience.

Frank Cinque
Director of Technology, Ultrafabrics
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Sitecore Search and Merchandizing Management Services
  • AI-Powered Personalization

    Craft AI-driven solutions to offer hyper-relevant search outcomes by leveraging our expertise in Sitecore Personalized Search and Sitecore Merchandizing. We ensure precise product placements and curate unique shopping journeys that improve conversion rates.

  • Dynamic Landing Page Optimization

    Leveraging Sitecore Discover, we create intelligent digital experiences that guide customers toward their goals. Through our search development services and intelligent personalized techniques, we transform your landing pages that increase engagement.

  • Improved Shopper Pathways

    We leverage a library of algorithmic recommendations to design personalized pathways, build custom segmentation, and ultimately enhance the shopper experience. We ensure that your shoppers enjoy an engaging, seamless journey, which in turn amplifies conversions.

  • Comprehensive Ecommerce Analytics

    Delve deep into your storefront's analytics with Icreon's Sitecore commerce optimization services. Leveraging Sitecore Discover capabilities, we provide metrics for every interaction, assess merchandizing strategies, and employ A/B tests, fine-tuning the shopping experience consistently.

  • Precise Product Recommendations

    Harness the potential of affinity scoring to promote top products, spotlight fresh arrivals, and accentuate trending items for both new and recurring visitors with Icreon's Sitecore targeted merchandizing services. Plus, our smart cross-selling and up-selling strategies augment basket size and elevate AOV.

  • Email Campaign Personalization

    We integrate personalized product suggestions, utilizing Sitecore omnichannel integration services, to enhance email interactions, recover lost searches and carts, and transmute shoppers with tailor-made shopping experiences.

Our Approach

Sitecore Merchandizing Growth Services

Amplify Conversions with Sitecore Personalized Search Implementation.

Ecommerce Strategy & Roadmap

We understand that businesses trying to stand out in the competitive landscape of ecommerce require foresight, precision, and an unwavering ecommerce strategy. By aligning with your business goals and utilizing Sitecore personalized search expertise, we curate a roadmap that fosters business growth and offers customers a tailored shopping experience.

Seamless Sitecore Implementation

The true potential of an ecommerce solution is realized when it's impeccably integrated. Our team of Sitecore certified developers ensures that Sitecore Commerce Cloud is flawlessly implemented, making the most of Sitecore data sources integration services. From setting up Sitecore Discover to integrating Sitecore hyper personalized search functionalities, Icreon is committed to streamlining your ecommerce journey.

Commerce Enhancement and Optimization

Ecommerce is not a one-time setup; it's an ongoing process of refinement and optimization. At Icreon, we do the right configuration of Sitecore Discover using granular level relevancy settings and product engagement metrics to continually iterate and optimize, ensuring that your storefront stays ahead of consumer expectations and delivers optimal performance.

Staying Ahead with Upgrades

Icreon continually explores new avenues, from Sitecore journey optimization to fine-tuning search sorting, to provide businesses with the upgraded tools to support Headless Commerce. Our Order Cloud experts guide you with optimal next best steps by providing strategic upgrades, training and support for continued ecommerce growth.

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Ultrafabric Boosts Sales with Sitecore-Powered Website Revamp

Ultrafabrics, a leading fabric manufacturer, was hindered by outdated tech and they needed a refined digital experience. Learn how Icreon leveraged Sitecore along with new CX strategies to help Ultrafabrics launch campaigns 50% quicker and drive 25% increase in online orders. Read the full case study.

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