Sitecore Marketing Automation services

Automate Processes and Master Email Engagement

From Sitecore Send to Connect Integrations, our Sitecore marketing automation services help you automate personalized email engagements and ensure seamless integration of Sitecore for an enhanced composable or omnichannel journey.

Tailored Marketing Automation Services for Sitecore

Forge Personal Connections: Sitecore Marketing Automation, The Right Way

We understand that every customer interaction is an opportunity to deepen customer profiles. That's why we excel in building seamless marketing automation strategies with Sitecore Send and Connect. As your Sitecore automation setup and optimization partner, we deliver versatile marketing automation capabilities to improve your customer engagements, automate email, implement personalization rules and experimentation, ensure seamless integration across all your other platforms, and establish powerful real-time analytics.

Boost your Campaign Conversions

Elevate Your Email Campaign Mastery

Sitecore marketing automation promises to streamline audience engagement through automated email and messaging campaigns, saving time, effort, and resources for your customer journey. Sitecore Send and Connect offer cutting-edge marketing automation capabilities to enable you to connect with your customers on a personal level. However, without expert implementation, these tools may not yield their full potential. For instance, Sitecore Send and Connect offer features like automated cart abandonment campaigns and AI-driven experiences. Poor configuration of marketing automation rules can result in missing out on revenue-generating opportunities, inaccurate segmentation and targeting. Poor integration with e-commerce platforms and incomplete analytics can result in missed insights and reporting inaccuracies.


As Sitecore Send Implementation Partners and Sitecore Connect Integration Specialists, we ensure seamless configuration, empowering you to harness the true power of marketing automation. We offer personalized email campaigns, efficient integrations, and AI-driven experiences. Our MVPs, certified developers and CX strategist are well-versed in Sitecore engagement cloud and real-time analytics, that means you're not lost in ROI measurements; instead, we craft a well-charted data-driven marketing strategy for you that drive results. Trust Icreon for Sitecore marketing automation delivery services.


Working with Icreon gave a sense of comfort to our executive management team. It was clear we’d have a partnership for the future and not just a client-to-contractor relationship.

Victor Chan
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CX Journey Mapping & Personalization
  • Comprehensive Consultation and Campaign Design

    Our approach begins with a comprehensive consultation to understand your unique business objectives and customer journeys. Using Sitecore's advanced marketing automation capabilities, we design and implement automated email and messaging campaigns that are both targeted and scalable.

  • Enhanced Audience Engagement Across Channels

    Our experts help you unify cross-channel communication and personalize customer journeys. Our certified marketing automation experts and developers harness real-time data, enrich customer profiles, and foster lasting relationships using Sitecore's content and engagement cloud products.

  • Real-Time Analytics for Continuous Improvement

    With a special emphasis on real-time analytics, our Sitecore Send implementations enable you to measure and improve campaign conversion rates continuously. We ensure your marketing efforts are always in sync by leveraging Sitecore's powerful analytics tools.

  • Advanced Customer Profiling

    Our Sitecore marketing automation tailored services use advanced customer profiling to refine customer data continually. Each interaction adds a layer of depth to individual customer profiles, making each automated engagement more targeted.

  • Customer Experience Mapping

    With our Sitecore marketing automation personalization services, we use customer experience mapping expertise to outline journeys, identify key touchpoints, and tailor automated interactions accordingly ensuring each customer receives the right message at the right time.

  • Commerce Automation with Sitecore Send

    Harness the power of automation to create targeted campaigns for abandoned carts and personalized product recommendations. We automate interactions to enhance conversion rates and drive revenue growth, ensuring your e-commerce business thrives.

  • Streamlined Integration with Sitecore Connect

    Our Sitecore Connect integration services offer simplified connectivity, enabling you to link your entire digital ecosystem. Our Sitecore MVP’s deliver the right configurations, setup, and taxonomy required for a seamless Sitecore integration experience.

Our Approach

Icreon's Sitecore Marketing Automation Mastery

Master email campaigns with real-time personalization and analytics to bring your brand closer to your customers with Icreon’s Sitecore marketing automation implementation expertise.

Strategy Development

We begin by crystallizing your marketing objectives, diving deep into understanding your audience segments and creating precise buyer personas. Based on these insights, we meticulously map out customer journeys.

Sitecore Installation & Configuration

Our CX experts ensure that both Sitecore and its Marketing Automation modules are installed optimally. We always stay updated with the latest versions and fine-tune the system by configuring roles, permissions, and connection strings.

Contact List & Segmentation Setup

Icreon employs Sitecore's Marketing Automation service to develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy for your business. We start by mapping out the customer journey, identifying touchpoints where automated emails can most effectively engage your audience. We then consolidate and migrate your contacts, then strategically segment them by behavior, engagement levels, demographics, and more, to ensure that messages resonate deeply.

Automation Workflow Design

Our team designs intuitive workflows where we set specific triggers like email clicks or user registrations. We then define consequential actions and conditions. Timers and delays are integrated to pace and sequence engagements perfectly. With Sitecore's powerful real-time analytics, Icreon constantly monitors how customers are interacting with your automated campaigns. We track metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, using this data to continuously refine and optimize your campaigns for better performance and ROI.

Support & Optimization

With Icreon, the process never stagnates. We routinely analyze campaign performance, harness A/B testing for strategy finetuning, and enrich our workflows with newer, data-backed strategies. This enhanced understanding of your audience feeds into all other processes, allowing for more accurate segmentation, better personalization, and ultimately, more effective campaigns.

Trusted by global leaders

Diligent's Digital Transformation with Sitecore

Diligent, a leading SaaS company, faced content silos, hampering communication between sales and marketing teams. Operating on disconnected platforms led to redundancy and reporting issues. Their existing tech stack couldn't cater to their diverse target market. Icreon teamed up with Diligent leveraged Sitecore to unify their web presence, addressing different market needs across multiple sites while maintaining brand consistency. Read the full case study here

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