designing the composable future with sitecore

Why scaling customer experiences requires composability as a strategy.

Aug 31, 2022
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Composability has become a massive trend in software development and technology architecture. But it is quickly becoming a business strategy and a driver for growth for many organizations.

Why? Because Composability enables brands to provide the right experience in the right context to the right person in a specific mindset

How? By ensuring headless architectures, microservices, APIs, and the cloud team up to "compose," enabling a 1:1 contextual experience in a dynamic marketplace.

Therefore, Composability gives brands the ability to create a deep, emotional connection with their customers and prospects through storytelling and narration and the ability to transact in the right moment based on real-time context.

Our eBook showcases how Composability is enabling customer experiences and entails the details of how Composability is being executed at the functional levels across an organization with Sitecore.

What's Inside:

  • The trends and outcomes of Composability as a business strategy.
  • Introduction to Sitecore as a turnkey Composable Digital Experience Platform.
  • Illustrate how Sitecore's roadmap enables innovation across Experience, Commerce, and Content
  • Discuss how companies are creating composable Best Practices using the Sitecore platform

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