How to Choose the Best Partner to Transition Your Technology to MACH

Dec 19 2022

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Transitioning to MACH Technology: How to Choose the Right Partner

When it comes to technology selection for any transformation project, almost every business has a checklist of key considerations. They're looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency while lowering costs and risks associated with technology ownership. At the same time, they're trying to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements —  when it comes to security — while staying one step ahead of competitors.

Technology transitions are never easy, especially when you pursue MACH technology architecture.  However, it can be made much easier if you choose the right MACH implementation partner. The key is to find someone who understands both your business and your technology.

In this blog, you will get to know why it is important to transition to get to know the benefits of transitioning to MACH technologies and ways to choose the right partner for your MACH transformation.

Benefits of Transitioning to MACH Technology

Transitioning your technology isn't just about making sure everything works once you've made the switch — it's also about avoiding disruption to your operations and minimizing downtime for users. The MACH framework provides a set of tools that allow you to create large-scale applications that are easy to use and maintain.

MACH stands for Microservices, API-First, Cloud Native, and Headless. These principles not only help you build better software faster but also ensure that your product scales well with time as your business grows.

Most companies that have implemented MACH technology are experiencing noticeable benefits. These include real-time management of project assets and time, with better measurements of project progress, as well as considerable cost savings. Companies will reduce total cost of ownership because MACH is always up-to-date and hence doesn’t require time-taking upgrades.  In addition, they can cut a huge cost by reusing existing product components rather than developing new ones.

If you want to transition your own technology, it’s important that you do so with care and caution. This means doing research on the various options available and then deciding which option fits best with your needs and budget constraints.

Choosing The Right Transitional MACH Partner

Business transformation is a lengthy and complex process. You can’t just jump into the deep end, expecting to swim your way out of it. It requires careful planning, preparation, and execution.

That’s why it’s important to find a strong MACH partner who can help you navigate this challenging journey. A strong partner will have experience with your industry, understand your business and culture, and be able to work with you on all areas of your digital transformation — from strategy to implementation.

Here are some ways how to choose the right MACH implementation partner.

A MACH Partner Needs to Understand the End-to-End in Its Entirety

A partner needs to be able to provide support for all parts of your business operations. This includes understanding how everything works together and how it ties back into the overall technology strategy. They also need to be able to identify any areas that could use improvement or optimization and be able to offer guidance on how this can be achieved through MACH. Choosing the right partner can save thousands of dollars and months of work hours that would otherwise be wasted on trying different options that don’t work out as planned.

It's important that both parties have an open dialogue throughout the transition process so they can collaboratively find ways to add value to each other's businesses. It's not easy making such a transformation. But it is possible — if you partner with a company that has the technical delivery excellence, engineering capabilities and CX strategy that the job requires.

Team up on Pushing Boundaries

Before choosing a partner, make sure you fully understand what you need from them. Do not just assume that their portfolio covers what you need. You must also clarify how they will deliver against these requirements and manage risks during this process. Icreon helps its clients in implementing emerging experience by pushing boundaries in the world of modern digital experiences. For example, Icreon partnered up with Acrisure, a fintech leader, to develop the modern digital experience and elevate its online presence using latest DXP. The team closely collaborated with the Acrisure team members and worked on content strategy + design and development of the website to deliver transformative user experiences within the record time. The team pushed the boundaries to unlock the full potential of personalization for the company.

Once you have identified the key areas in which your project requires support, prepare a selection criteria document that outlines exactly what you expect from your partner during the project lifecycle (e.g., business acumen, technical skills, etc.) This will help when evaluating vendors during RFP responses and interviews so that they can clearly articulate how they will meet these needs when working with your team.

A Partner Must Be Agile and Able to Adapt As Technology Changes

Choosing an implementation partner that aligns with your culture is a must priority while you’re switching to MACH. For example, Icreon and Contentstack’s MACH implementation efforts have consistently been promising and result-oriented because both companies are culture matched. Both companies have focus on creating composable future with the support of MACH architecture.

The most important aspect of choosing a partner is finding the one that aligns with your organization’s culture. This process involves asking questions like: Do they have the same values as yours? Does their approach align with what you want? You need someone who believes in the same things as you do, and will take those beliefs into account when making decisions about how you should use their product or service.

When you coordinate with your technology partner, you must be on the same page when it comes to setting goals throughout the MACH transformation journey.

A Partner Needs to Understand APIs and How to Use Them

The more your partner knows about APIs and how they can be used, the better chance you have of finding a solution that works for both parties. This is especially important if you are looking for a long-term partnership that will help grow your business over time.

If you want to transition to MACH technology, then a partner must understand the importance of APIs in order for their services to work correctly with the platform.

A Partner Needs the Capability to Provide Any Support That Is Required for Their Services

There are many factors that can help you choose the best partner for your organization's technology needs. It is important that you find a partner who is knowledgeable and experienced in your industry, but it also needs to be someone you trust and feel comfortable with. A great partner will not only help you with your technology needs but will also be able to support any operation or service that is required for services.

As an experienced partner, you need to be aware that there is always something new coming up in the world of headless content management (HCM). Find a partner that stays on the cutting edge of MACH technology.  If you’re transitioning to MACH, the best way to achieve the transformation is to find the right specialist who will assist you with every step of the process, even when it comes to less technical aspects of the project. 

Choosing the Right Partner For Your MACH Transformation

A quality MACH partner should be more than a programmer—they also need to be proficient in other areas such as timelines, budgets, digital transformation, change management, etc. It's important to find someone that you can trust, so always consider asking for references and getting stakeholder feedback about your selection. Finally, always make sure that you have an agreed-upon timeframe for the project. A realistic timeline will help prevent unnecessary stress and frustration for everyone involved. So take a little extra time when vetting partners to ensure you choose one that will truly advance your project's progress and its value.

We understand that every business is unique and has different needs when it comes to transitioning to MACH. As a leading digital solutions agency in MACH architecture implementation, Icreon team can help you in making your digital switchover seamless and effective. Explore Icreon’s Headless Commerce Solutions.