Adapting Ecommerce for Post-Pandemic Success

Nov 17 2023

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Has your business felt the seismic shifts in the global market due to the pandemic? From sudden spikes in ecommerce to the normalization of remote work, the way we do business has transformed dramatically. Many companies laid off thousands of workers and shifted to remote work for essential services. Analysts expect the changes mandated by the Covid pandemic to last for years.

Business leaders can adopt strategies to optimize ecommerce platforms that utilize remote teams for custom software development and DevOps support. DXP solutions can be automated with product or content recommendations for users based on their likes and browsing history. Creating a unique online journey for customers leads to more sales and better conversions for marketing campaigns that can be tracked with ML-driven data analytics.

As we navigate these changes, understanding and adapting your strategy is crucial for success. Here's how.

Ecommerce Optimization: The Key to Thriving

Increasing the speed of your ecommerce web pages is an important aspect of ranking highly in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). It is estimated that each additional second of page load time leads to lost viewers and customers.

The use of CDN caching facilities can reduce page load times to less than one second. Another popular method is to adopt JavaScript-based web and mobile applications with React, Vue, Gatsby, Ionic, and other development frameworks. This trend has led to the popular growth of headless and decoupled CMS solutions for high performance in ecommerce or social networking apps with requirements for the fastest page load speeds.

Personalized Digital Experiences

Digital Experience Platforms or DXPs customize the user journey for customers of ecommerce platforms with unique displays based on their browsing and “like” history.

Product recommendations can be optimized through machine learning and automated for websites or mobile applications with artificial intelligence integration. B2B and B2C marketing campaigns can be validated with data visualizations, charts, & graphic displays. By analyzing user preferences and browsing history, you can offer tailored product recommendations, boosting sales and conversion rates.


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Strategies for Post-Pandemic Ecommerce Success

Some of the best ways that we have identified for businesses to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, and quarantine conditions through ecommerce optimization are:

  • Clienteling: The design of the app & website is used to increase brand identity and customer loyalty. This can include colors, logos, themes, or advertising.
  • AI-Powered, Omnichannel Recommendations: Use platform data to upsell recommended products to customers. Works best with DXP solutions for enterprise.
  • BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up at Store) : “Click & Collect” services experienced 76% growth post-pandemic. Consumers can travel and save money on shipping charges.
  • Curbside Pickup: Integrate local staff with ecommerce delivery fulfillment for business continuation. This is important to keep business premises open and employees active.
  • Endless Aisle: Expanding ecommerce catalog collections and optimizing supply chain efficiencies worldwide. Customers can order from multiple suppliers with one checkout.

Embracing Mobile and Progressive Web Apps

Creating native mobile applications with expedited credit card payments is another major path to ecommerce optimization. Native applications built with JavaScript and React components can be published as iOS, Android, and Windows desktop applications, as well as functioning as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This allows development teams to save time on versioning. These platforms not only facilitate seamless shopping experiences but also enable quicker payment processes, essential in today's fast-paced market.

Future-Proofing Your Business

The post-pandemic world demands agility, innovation, and a keen understanding of evolving consumer needs. By embracing these strategies, your business can not only survive but thrive in the new normal.

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